10 Reasons Android is Better than iOS

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Recently I have spent a little too much time reading their endless content on mobile devices, my favorite article has to be the one on the top 5 1-click rooting software for Android.

Having the opportunity to own an Android device can prove quite useful after hearing some of the features it has over the iOS.

I will start off by saying I personally do acknowledge that both operating system do contain some great features in their own rights, but we will be focusing on the powerhouse that is Android for today.

1. Multiple Accounts (Great for families)

With the Android, you have the ability to set up separate profiles for multiple users allowing for the whole family to take part in the action.

Each account can be fully customized and secured with separate passwords so you don’t have to worry about privacy invasion.

For the parents out there, don’t worry you can add age restrictions to these accounts for the children to enjoy as well.

2. Loads of Free Applications

Once you get a taste of all the free applications available on the Google Play store you will become addicted. You can find loads of free applications ranging every genre possible from good books to action packed video games.

The Google Play store also allows for developers post their creations with ease for the rest of the world.

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3. Outbound Tip

When traveling, some applications especially the gaming ones, become obsolete due to the regional restrictions placed upon them.

Usually the developers try to stop the spread of their applications to regions without looking over their game for something that might be found disrespectful at that specific location.

This causes games to be region-locked and you can no longer enjoy your application on the go.

With a virtual private network (VPN) you are now about to bypass country censorship and administrative restrictions with the click of a button.

4. Social Media

With the advancement in online connectivity social media sites have taken over. Everyone loves to share pictures and videos with family members all around the world, so why not make it convenient on mobile devices? Android did exactly that by allowing the user to share anything they want throughout the large array of options available.

Not only are there many built in, but you have access to the Google Play store which is always updated to have the newest upcoming media applications to expand upon. This makes sharing a lot easier with everyone in the family.

5. Multimedia

Android went with the best possible choice when it comes to data transfer. With its simplistic drag and drop feature anyone can easily learn how to place music or other media into your device without having to read a long manual or watch some tutorial online.

The iOS has to use iTunes and can be a huge pain for anyone new, this is why I had to give it Android.

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6. Fully Customizable

I personally feel being able to make something unique to your taste is always appreciated. The iOS user interface has not changed since the beginning of time and has no customizability for the user to have fun with.

On the other hand you have the Android which allows you to take control of your own device and change the themes, sounds, fonts, keyboard colors and much more.

Even if a hundred thousand other users have the same phone it will be very unlikely to see another like yours.

7. Remote Control Function

This might sound like a rather odd feature for a mobile device but the T.V remote control applications are rather enjoyable.

Many of the Android phones come with infrared blasters and work great when you are sitting a little too far away from the real remote. This can also be adapted to work with speakers and lights if they are infrared compatible.

8. Charging your Device

As an iOS user and Apple device owner I always found it frustrating when having to travel to a reunion or just out of town for the weekend and finding out I left my charger at home.

With the iPhones you need a special “Lightning” charger and what makes it worse is with every generation they change the charger so it makes it even more difficult to ask around for one.

The Android uses a generic micro-USB charging cable that can be found literally anywhere. One of the biggest benefits is that if you somehow lost it they are extremely cheap to replace unlike “Lightning” cables.

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Since most if not all Android devices use this means of charging you can ask friends or family for a quick charge and not be denied due to generation incompatibility.

9. Stubborn Icons

A really nice yet simple feature the Android brings to the table is being able to get rid of the icons that may be blocking your beautiful background.

You can rearrange and organize them in any way you like. With the iOS, if you don’t already know, forces you to have the icons piled up on the home screen and it can feel rather cluttered after a while of downloading applications.

10. Multitasking Madness

Have you ever wanted to do multiple things at once on your device? Well you can do this now with Android, take the time to check up on your daily widgets while browsing the internet and listening to a music video from YouTube. This multitasking feature is relatively new to Android but it sure outperforms the iOS.

I hope you are able to see the bright side of Android with this article. I highly recommend this device to new users and people in general. The simplicity of Android makes it enjoyable for any age group.

Credits:  This post was contributed by Caroline, a known writer for http://www.securethoughts.com

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