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MTN Trutalk+, BetaTalk, iPulse: Their Cheapest Call Tariff Plan?

Few months ago, we published about the MTN iPulse call tariff plan that allows MTN prepaid customers make calls at a cheap rate as well as get 10MB on every NGN100 recharge.

Today, we are going to take a look at all the cheap call tariff plans recently introduced by MTN Nigeria so you can pick the one that’s going to serve your needs.

MTN TruTalk+

As mobile telecommunication giants in the country tries to woo more customers to their side, MTN Nigeria has introduced  the MTN Trutalk+ call tariff plan that allows one make calls at cheaper rates.

Customers on this cheap tariff plan can make calls to local numbers (irrespective of Glo, 9Mobile, Airtel, etc.) at 11k/second and calls to international numbers at 20k/second.

You can migrate to this tariff plan by dialing *123*20# or by sending TP as a SMS to 131 and view the international numbers billed at this amount by dialing *123*21#.

The only down side of this tariff plan is that a daily access fee of NGN5 is charged to your line once the first call for the day is made.

MTN BetaTalk

MTN BetaTalk is another cheap call tariff bundle that gives MTN prepaid subscribers that recharge NGN100 and above, 200% airtime bonus  and 10MB of data weekly.

National calls when on the MTN Beta Talk tariff plan is usually billed at NGN24/minute (40k/seconds) from the bonus.

Your main airtime balance will start counting once your bonus airtime is completely exhausted.

You can migrate to this tariff plan by dialing *123*2*6# or by sending BT as a SMS to 131.

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Other Tariff Plans

If this tariff plan doesn’t look cheap enough for you, there are other affordable data bundle plans from MTN Nigeria such as the iPulse and Home zone tariff plans.

We have discussed about these two at the post referenced above but will quote the update for the home zone tariff plan below.

MTN zone tariff plan allows you make MTN_to_MTN calls for as low as 4k/seconds depending on the time of the day.

Calls during the afternoon (12 noon to 2pm) and late night are usually the cheapest when on the home zone plan.

For migration and other activities on the MTN zone plan use the codes below;

  • Registration: *135*1#
  • Registration status: *135#
  • De-registration: *135*9#
  • Information: *135*2#
  • Applicable tariffs: *135*3#
  • Zone Help: *135*5#
  • Notification off: 135*6#
  • Notification on: *135*7#

Update! May 2016.

MTN Nigeria Unveils Cheaper Call Tariff Plans

MTN Nigeria have introduced two new call tariff plans that looks very affordable to an extent. The Xtra Pro and Xtra special call tariff  plans comes with the following features that makes them an affordable call tariff plan.

MTN Xtra Pro

MTN XtraPro tariff plan let’s you make call at 11k/sec (6.60k/Min) flat rate to all networks and with a daily access fee of N5 but if in some cases MTN were not able to charge you the N5 on your first call as a result of insufficient balance, then the call for that day will be charged at 20k/Sec (N12/Min) with an additional benefit of health tips for 7 days.

To migrate to MTN XtraPro, Simply dial *401# and select 1 after the USSD prompt OR send 401 as a text message to 131.

MTN XtraSpecial

MTN XtraSpecial call Tariff plan let’s you make voice calls at 15k/Sec (N9/Min) flat rate basis to all networks in Nigeria with no daily access fee and a call to some selected international destination at the same rate with an additional benefit of 7 days free subscription to EPL Video Service.

To Migrate to MTN XtraSpecial, simply dial *408# and select 1 after the USSD prompt OR send 408 as an SMS to 131.