Top 10 Best Internet Browsers for iPad

Sick of using the usual safari browser? Looking for an alternative or better browser for your iPad gadget? If so, then learning our Top 10 best iPad browsers will help you decide which alternative browser to choose, since a bunch of iPad browsers are now out in the market.

1. Perfect Browser

As its name portraits itself, everything a web user wants to have can be found in this app. It’s an all round web browser for daily use. The price? It’s $3.99.

2. Skyfire Browser

A solid browser made overloaded with features, everything that you are looking for with a browser is inside this solid build browser, nothing more, and nothing less. It’s $4.99.

3. Diigo Browser

The first browser known as to imitate chrome browser to give the user a chrome experience, not until Chrome’s release for iPad.

Then the name Diigo stands and did a retake wherein all features you are looking from both Chrome and Firefox are included, and to stand out against chrome, Firefox it adapted mercury browser’s feature of masking itself as a computer browser. And it’s for free.

4. Opera Mini Browser

This browser may not have some of the famous browser features like chrome and Firefox, but one feature makes this web browser unique and far way better than the said browsers.

Its advance data compression makes the following links and content load faster or even in an instant, so if you’re struggling with a weak data signal then this browser will help you out. The price? Well, it’s free.

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5. Mobicip Safe Browser

This browser is suitable for kids to use, the browser is almost the same with the native Safari browser but with a better feature function. This web browser lets you filter each content loaded, so that your kid is free to use the internet without any worries, It’s $4.99.

6. Atomic Browser

With the ability browse securely, create multiple tabs, sync with Dropbox, view full screen, fix rotation, ad block, does iTunes document sharing, and to plug in your own search engine, this web browser can be called an all in one web browser app. The price is $0.99.

7. Mercury Browser

This awesome web browser not only syncs Dropbox accounts, but also can hide and mask itself as a native Internet explorer or a Firefox browser, computer, platform base, so that you can still experience full web content even an specific website requires you to use computer browsers and it is $0.99.

8. Photon Browser

Looking for a full web browser functionality? Well, this web browser will give you the ease of browsing the internet, and will give you the additional features of playing flash games, apps and videos on the web. The price? It’s $4.99.

9. iCab Browser

This web browser is specially designed for those who wants to experience more productivity out of the web. The ability to sync Dropbox and save files using its built-in download manager making this browser better than some usual browsers out there, and not to mention its ability to upload photos which usual browser lacks. The price is $1.99.

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10. Chrome Browser

One of the most popular safari browser alternatives, this web browser will give you both support in web browsing and incognito mode, and that is not all, the Chrome browser is free to use so you don’t need to spend a penny downloading this app.

Web browsers are essential to any computer; the iPad is no exception. Considering the of best iPad browser will lead you to a better use of your gadgets.

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