Understanding Google Adsense and the rules

Practically speaking google adsense has over the ages been the first choice for bloggers / webmasters when it comes to making money on the internet via ads publishing . This has triggered the urge for even newbie internet users to make research on google adsense and how it works which actually led me to creating this short tips on How Does Google Adsense Program Works and it’s rules For Webmasters Wanting to Earn Income online?

Advertisers pay Google when someone clicks on their ads which are placed on pages that contain text.  For example, if you write content about truck earth moving equipments , you will likely see ads from earth moving equipments manufacturers and/or retailers on that page.  When someone clicks on those ads, the advertiser pays Google and Google pays you.  Of course, the advertiser is hoping the person that clicked on the add will actually purchase the lawn mower or whatever they’re offering.

In fact, Google is very strict about the integrity of this process.  You are forbidden to click on your own ads.  If you do, your Adsense account will be terminated and you might never get it back.  You are also prohibited from asking others to click on “your ads”.  It makes sense.  Why would advertisers want to pay just so your friends and family could click on your ads when no one is really interested in purchasing the lawn mower or subject of the ad.

The good news is that it’s not necessary to “cheat.”  Google Adsense is so easy you’ll make more money just going by the rules.  Have or write interesting content that will turn up in search engines and you have “targeted” the right people to read those ads.  Just think, somebody in South Africa buys an earth moving equipment clicking the ads in your site and you get a commission!

What Not to Tell Others About the Google Adsense Program – The Most Important Rule Governing the adsense program

Sympathy only goes so far.  Not only is it against the Google Adsense Program Policies but if you rely on friends and family members to click on your ads instead of diligently working the program, you’re cheating yourself – and the Google Adsense Program.

The “help me out” wail may work when your kid is selling outrageously expensive candles for the end of the year school party but it has no place in the Google Adsense Program.

Besides, if you’re asking people to click on your ads, that means you’re not optimizing your site for valid clicks as well as referrals.  Use that same energy to polish your content and your site.  When family and friends ask what you’ve been up to, you can proudly show them your hard work.  When they see how excited you are, you’ll see your referral revenue go up.

There are many questions in some of our readers mind begging for answers already , I think going to the google adsense policy page will certainly demystify such issues

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  1. I would like to appreciate the writer for such valuable knowledge share,Due to lot of Black hat and other unethical ways been used online Google has changed their policies and criteria s to give a new Account for adsence.Its getting more and more regulated now by the time,Its very necessary to understand the Rules before going for a new account .


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