How Marketing Videos Can Improve Your Business Outlook

using macketing videosHere’s a statistic that’s so big and impossible to comprehend, but it sounds incredible all the same. On YouTube alone, more than one billion hours of video are streamed each day. That says nothing of other platforms, or of the population centers around the world that don’t use YouTube. To try to make sense of just how long a billion hours of video would take you to watch, you’d need around 115,000 years (or roughly half the amount of time that humans have been on the planet). That’s a lot of popcorn and bladder-buster-sized refills.

In short, video is popular. If you’re not making video content for your business, you’re missing out on an open secret (you can check out the video making software from Bynder). Let’s see how video content can benefit your business.

Sharable content is king

There’s absolutely no point in printing business cards if they just sit on your desk collecting dust. Likewise, there are zero points in creating marketing content if it isn’t sharable. The demise of print media is not because we prefer to read things on screens more than we do on paper. It comes down to how much it costs to produce the content and how many people can see it from that one original cost.

It’s simply not cost-effective to print your message in a newspaper or magazine, hoping that the right people will buy that particular edition on that day. You need sharable content that people can view, enjoy, and share with their friends, all without you lifting the phone once to speak to a newspaper editor about prices.

Time-poor audience

People are time-poor. They have to drop the kids off at school, whizz back home to pick up that thing they forget to pack even though they left it right by the door, then head to work and start their shift with 19 seconds to spare.

They don’t have time to read through endless marketing materials for something that might interest them. They want targeted media and they need you to make the energy happen, so they don’t have to. Speaking of which…

Control the vibe

Have you ever walked around an art gallery and thought, “Super, but without a little research on my behalf, most of this is wasted on me”?

It’s the same with your audience. An image alone – no matter how powerful or clever or humorous – relies on the audience to fill in many of the blanks. With video, you can control the mood, the volume, the pace, the feeling, and the overall sense of how you want the message to be perceived.

If a picture can paint a thousand words then a video can spurn enough critical reviews to last an eternity. Not convinced? Go check the IMDB (internet movie database). For every two hours of movie footage, there is enough accompanying description, commentary, and links to reviews to last you until you simply get bored.

Controlling the vibe means having a greater say on how those comments from your audience are directed – don’t miss out.

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