How To Check The Andriod Version Of Tablets and Phones

As an android phone owner, there is an important need to know the version of operating system which your android phone or tablet is currently running. This is important if you want to install some apps, it will save you a lot of stress if you knew the version your phone was running on because you can easily check if that app is compatible with your phone. You would also need to know the version if you ever plan on Jail Breaking your android device. You would need to jail break your phone if you want to enjoy the full capabilities which it holds. Android have given this version very interesting and catchy names, so that anyone can easily remember and refer to them anyhow.


Therefore, If you wish to know or check the Operating System(OS) version of your Andriod phone, follow these simple steps below:
=======>>> When you are on the home screen, tap the “Menu button/icon”
=======>>>From the list of icons that would come up, Locate “Settings” and click on it
Now Scroll down and tap on ” About Device“. You will get the info about the version from there.
Important : On some type of Android phones (HTC Phones), you might need to tap “About” then scroll down and tap “System Information” or “Firmware Version” to get the Android version of that phone or tablet

And You are done with the whole process.

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If you are using a Tecno Android Phone, its exactly the same process you need to follow.
Here is a Comprehensive list of all Android Operating system releases below

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