10 Ways To Market Your Tech Startups With Promotional Videos

We are in the digital era where video marketing yields better ROI than most other forms of marketing. Virtually all social network platform now supports video sharing, as well as allow users to promote their marketing videos to reach a wider audience. TikTok is one of the best places to launch and promote your marketing video, Facebook is also an ideal alternative, and there are quite other platforms too.

Here, I have analyzed the top 10 platforms where you can share and promote your marketing videos to reach a wider audience, and of course, get a good ROI.

How To Create A Promotional Video

promotional videos

First thing first, learn how to create promotional videos for your startups.  Promotional videos are “visually appealing” marketing videos intended to capture the interest of a targeted audience within a short while. They are usually 30 seconds long; however, some promotional videos are longer – up to one minute (60 seconds) or even longer.

To create a promotional video, a lot of things need to be considered. First, you need to consider the platforms where you would publish the video and run campaigns. More so, you need to be concise and go straight to the point – not everyone loves watching long video ads.

Your target audience should also be considered when creating promotional videos. Lastly, you need to find a perfect template to follow. After you have created the perfect promotional video to sell your startup or products, below are ways/platforms through which you can achieve your aim.

The 10 Ways To Market Your Tech Startups With Promotional Videos

Apart from using a Kickstarter video production company, here are the other 10 ways or platforms to market your tech startups with promotional videos. Please note that – for you to run video ads on any of these platforms, you must adhere to their ad placement rules and regulations.

1. TikTok


Ever since TikTok launched in 2016, it keeps gaining a tremendous number of users. The platform, so far, has over 689 million users worldwide, with over 69 million active U.S. users. TikTok acts as a social media and equally a video-sharing platform; it is a perfect place to market your tech startup/product by running promotional video ads.

TikTok is visited daily by millions of internet users who have various interests. The targeting options provided by TikTok for running video ads are quite flexible; hence, it is easy to have your promotional video play in front of people that are really interested in your products or the services you offer.

2. YouTube

It’s almost impossible not to mention YouTube in this listicle. YouTube remains one of the best go-to platforms to advertise your business by running promotional video ads. With over 2.3 billion users worldwide as of 2021, YouTube is the second most popular social network, running behind Mark Zukerberg’s Facebook.

There are many ways to target your video ads on YouTube, and you can choose from various ad formats. Generally, YouTube looks to be a perfect place to market your promotional videos, regardless of your business niche.

3. Facebook

Yes, Facebook is one of the places to launch your promotional video ads. The platform is inarguably the most powerful and most popular social network worldwide, having over 2.80 billion monthly active users. However, to run a successful ad campaign on Facebook, you really need to understand the art of Facebook advertising.

Facebook provides various advertising tools to allow you to target the exact audience you want to reach. The comprehensive demographics tools help for more detailed targeting.

4. Instagram

Instagram is also one of those places to launch your promotional videos. The platform is owned by Facebook, and it’s a close rival to TikTok. Just as Facebook, Instagram features ultra-targeting technologies for running well-detailed ads that would surely yield a high conversion rate.

Interestingly, Instagram is based on videos and images; thus, it makes a perfect place to run video ads. There are different ad formats to choose from, and you can clearly identify your target audience.

5. Google Search/Google Ad

Who doesn’t know Google? Who doesn’t use Google? Apparently, Google is the number one (1) website worldwide as ranked by Alexa. Most websites today integrate Google ads as a means of monetization; you can take advantage of the Google Ads platform to shoot your promotional video to people that really needed to see it.

6. Twitter

Not everyone paid attention to Twitter advertising years ago; however, currently, the platform is one of the most effective places to promote your business. Twitter has roughly 193 million daily active users and stands as a rival platform to Facebook and LinkedIn.

People that use Twitter are mostly attracted/engaged with #Trends; you can plan on a marketing technique to get your promotional video to trend on YouTube with a #hashtag that promotes your product or startup (brand) name.

7. Bing Ads

Just like Google Ads, Bing advertising shoots your promotional video to a wider audience based on your targeting. Bing is the second biggest search engine after Google, and it allows business owners to run targetted ads across its vast network.

Your product video would appear on website pages and other networks. Interestingly, running campaigns on Bing automatically pushes your promotional video to other search engines controlled by Bing, which include Yahoo and AOL.

8. Vimeo


Vimeo is a platform for video creators; the platform is mostly based on short clips and videos. As of 2020, Vimeo has up to 175 million registered members globally. It is also one of the good places to publish your marketing video and reach a broader audience that is interested in what you have to offer.

9. Amazon

As we continue with this list, Amazon advertising is really good to get your products or services to the right audience. Amazon advertising tools help you to set detailed targeting information and demographics to ensure that you get the best possible ROI. It is an ideal alternative to Google and Bing advertising networks.

There are equally various ad formats to choose from. It doesn’t matter if your products sell on Amazon or not, you can run ads for virtually any kind of services/products to Amazon’s 300+ million active users.

10. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is popularly referred to as the social network of business professionals. Yes, it is a good place to run video adverts for the services you render in your company. You’d get a one-time coupon to run a free campaign – you can use this to check the conversion rate. Regardless, just as Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn has hundreds of millions of daily users.


These platforms mentioned here are the top places where you can launch your tech product’s promotional video and reach the right audience. They all offer various ad formats and support ad targetting features. Using promotional videos to market your products guarantee better ROI than other forms of marketing.

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