Top 10 QuickBooks Add-Ons for Modern Manufacturers

QuickBooks is a huge resource for business owners and managers. If you don’t know what it is, QuickBooks is accounting software that you can utilize to manage your expenses and income, keep track of the financial aspects of your business, invoicing customers, paying bills, preparing taxes, and more…

One of the aspects that makes QuickBook great is that you can improve it and customize it through add-ons that are available on the QuickBooks App Store. If you utilize
QuickBooks for manufacturing, for example, you can customize the software according to your and your business’ needs by downloading apps as you’d do with the apps on your smartphone or the extensions on your Chrome Browser.

In this article, we’re going to explore the top 10 QuickBooks add-ons for manufacturing businesses so that you can get the best out of the software.

The Top 10 QuickBooks Add-Ons for Manufacturers in 2021

  1. Katana

Katana is a premium manufacturing ERP and QuickBooks add-on, that gives you a live look at your business, simplifying inventory and production management processes.

Features include live inventory and manufacturing management, batch tracking for end-to-end traceability, shop floor-level control, open API, and a channel partner network.

Furthermore, it syncs with QuickBooks online, which means that your orders, sales, or materials purchases, get automatically counted into your expenses or income into your account manager system. The same happens for bills, invoices, and – more importantly – inventory.

You can try Katana for free for 14 days and decide if it’s worth your money. After that, the pricing plans start from $99 per month.

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2. SOS Inventory

SOS Inventory is another QuickBooks add-on that can work great for any business, but mainly manufacturing ones for which the inventory management is a little more complicated.

This is mainly an inventory software, so less focused on your workflow and deadlines, and more on the aspects related to your warehouse, stocks, and tools, and materials availability.

Just like Katana, it can sync with QuickBooks (2-way sync) so that you don’t have to manually update your accounts according to your inventory changes, or vice versa. SOS Inventory, also, has many automated features to reduce the manual – and time-consuming – activity as much as possible.

SOS Inventory is available with a monthly subscription that starts from $49.95 per month.


ERPAG is another premium solution to manage your manufacturing projects, orders and inventory. It can sync with QuickBooks so that your business accounts are automatically updated.

In particular, ERPAG helps you manage invoices, bills, orders, customer returns, stock adjustments, and other documents, and every transaction is automatically counted in your business account thanks to the QuickBooks integration.

4. LOCATE Inventory

locateIf your business is inventory-based, then LOCATE Inventory can be the add-on for you. This software is suitable for both small businesses and more advanced ones, especially where inventory has great importance like dropshipping businesses, for example.

It’s a cloud-based inventory management software that you can access from anywhere, and it can automatically sync all your transactions in your QuickBooks accounts.

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This is one of the most popular QuickBooks add-on and is especially suitable for those who work in teams. provides access to workflow management, approvals, payments from any device so that any user can check the state of things at any moment.

If the team working on your business consists of family members, you could also use this app to manage your family or personal finances.

6. QuickBooks Time

If you’re searching for an add-on that can help manage your time and workflow, QuickBooks Time is the app for you. It is helpful especially when you have employees working for you and you want to keep track of their working hours.

With this app, you don’t need to note down the number of hours each employee has worked every day: everything can be automated, saving you tons of time, while also becoming more efficient and precise.

7. QuickBooks Payroll, HR & Benefits

When you have large teams working for you, you have a huge amount of extra work: payroll and benefits management for example.

These aspects can get really complicated, but QuickBooks PayRoll, HR, & Benefits can help you with those. In one place you can manage your team, assign tasks, and manage and pay their payrolls, benefits, and any other kind of payment. Also, of course, it automatically syncs with your QuickBooks accounts.

8. Funbox

FundboxWhat about if you need credit to start or develop your business? Other than requesting and obtaining it, you need to worry about managing your finances so that you can pay for it. To help you with this, Fundbox is one of the most valid QuickBooks apps.

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With this app, you can also apply for credit and get a decision. Transactions are very fast and all the following steps are automatically synced with your accounts on QuickBooks.

9. Float

Float is an app that can help you have a quick overview of your business status, providing visual representation for your cash flow and position. It becomes particularly useful when you need to make decisions about investments because it helps you understand how your income can be or change in the near future.

10. Synder

Last but not least, we’d like to talk about Synder, a useful QuickBooks add-on for those who sell their products through popular marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, or Etsy.

This app lets you manage all your sales through the different channels in one place. It can be a huge improvement when compared to managing each platform from a different dashboard. Furthermore, all your accounts on QuickBooks are automatically and always updated.

Final thoughts

The add-on we listed above are all different and suitable for various needs, but based on customer reviews they are considered the best available on the QuickBooks app store for manufacturing businesses. With them, you can improve your experience with the QuickBooks platform, make it more compliant and suitable for your own needs.

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