Review of How To Attain Suspicious Success in Blogging By Nosa E

Blogging successfully is very easy, in fact everybody has his own definition of “Success”. What is considered success by you may be a completely failure to another, and yes, the reverse is the case.

But retaining your success in blogging like every other field is what is difficult.Last week while I was browsing through my Dofollow blogs archive , I decided to check out one of the do follow blogs there, and I landed on thatnaijablog who just published his first book (in ebook format).

Its a book title “How To Attain Suspicious Success in Blogging”. Success be suspicious, he says. Well if you ask me, it can.

And truth be told majority of people would do anything to be successful. The book outlined everything a blogger needs to know about becoming successful. The Does, the don’t and also very great tips in general

Who is Nosa E. Nosa?

Nosa E Nosa is a tech blogger who is passionate about blogging and teaching people how to blog. He has been blogging for 4 years and is a major contributor on many blog. He has a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in micro-biology but decided to dump his degree in the health field and pursue is blogging passion.

He started blogging five years ago and failed on seven (7) different occasion. Failure and mockery from fellow bloggers, friends and the competition didn’t stop him from try again, and again, and again until he finally became successful.

He became a recognized blogger in Nigeria where he is based in 2013, and since then he has helped hundreds of bloggers in many ways to achieve their dream of becoming successful.

His method of teaching are no doubt based on personal experience and also a flawless knowledge in the blogging field acquired over a period of five years of non stopped blogging.

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He is the senior author of and also a contribute on other related blogs such as

What are the Content of this book?

  • What is Blogging?

This chapter outlines the real meaning  of blogging, and where to start from as a blogger.

  • How to find a niche for your Blog

What is a niche and how to find one. Yes, some people blog for blogging sake but for Nosa he follows his passion and blogs about what he loves. In this chapter he teaches how to find your passion and make it your niche.

  • Principles of successful blogging

Yes, there is a principle of successful blogging, and in this chapter, you would find out everything you need to do to attain the success you desire and also retain it.

  • How to stimulate your blog

In this chapter, we learn the best way to stimulate a blog and turn visitors into unique visitors

  • The creative mindset of a blogger

The mind is every a blogger needs to be successful in blogging and every other thing. With the right mindset, you wouldn’t have to fail seven times before you become successful, you wouldn’t even fail at all. Read this chapter and you are half way there

  • The money mindset of a blogger

Yes! Yes! Yes! The money mindset, Good or Bad? Nosa said it all in this chapter. Its a must read if you want to learn the truth about making money blogging

  • Solving problems as a blogger

Problems, it must arise on your journey to successful blogging. But it becomes only a challenge when you handle it the right way!. And challenges leads to experience acquisition

  • The spirituality of blogging

What does the spirits have to do with blogging? Don’t ask me either, because you would find it all in this chapter

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  • 5 Tips before accepting guest posts

Guest posts, a sure way to keep your blog active when you are pre-occupied. Here he outlines 5 unique tips that would guide you in accepting only the right guest posts

  • 5 Tips to becoming a good blogger

Good, better best, I think the title should have been 5 tips to becoming the best blogger. You would find out why I said so after reading this chapter

  • 5 tips for optimizing your blog for mobile users

With the fast rate of smartphones launch everyday, the need optimize your website for mobile users is inevitable. These tips would put a smile on every mobile users that lands your blog.

  • How to press the restart button

Is there really a restart button and when should you press it? Well if you have been blogging as long as Nosa, you would know there is a restart button that should be pressed every now and then.

What Nosa E. Nosa and Other Said About the Book

In a public statement he made on one of his blogs, he said

The E-book doesn’t promise any shortcut to achieving success, they are no SEO tip or tricks covered because I am pro-content. Contents will always be king, it’s always to hard to keep delivering quality contents but once you have committed to the task, you will always reap the benefits.

Also, I asked him if success could be suspicious

He said

Success can be suspicious if it is achieved in little time and seems effortless. In other words if it is sudden and achieved by someone who is list expected to attain such success

Obasi Miracle who is a pro tech blogger and also another told story said

How To Attain Suspicious In Blogging is a book every blogger should read, it doesn’t matter if you are already successful or you are just starting up. The knowledge in this book is for everyone and a personally rate it 4 of 5 star

Babanature who is The Senior Editor at onenaijablog said

Wow!!! You have finally come up with your own e-book, that is amazing. You’re indeed a blogger that has no limit, so on this note, i say; welcome to the 2nd half of blogging .Do you know what i believe about success? Success is about your status, the ability to help people without second thought and how you’re humble to people. Guy i wish you success and you did make a bold move bringing out this e-book”

Temilola an author at healthsaveblog said

“This is really a book every blogger must get a copy, am glad you finally finish the book as soon as you can…”

In a one on one interview I had with Nosa E. Nosa when I asked why he wrote this book he said

This book is the first of many to come. Its packed with priceless information and that’s why its completely free for everyone looking for success in blogging. I wrote this book because I want to see a blogging Utopia where eeveryone is succesful in their own field

My Opinion

How To Attain Suspicious Success in Blogging is book that I highly recommend to every blogger.

Book Structure; 4/5

Relevance of Content; 5/5

Cover Design; 4/5

Relation Between Title and Content; 4/5

Readability; 4/5

Tune of Author (Personal) 3.5/5

Overall Rating; 4.5/5

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This ebook is completely free of charge and would soon be uploaded to ebooks directories for everyone to read. You can also get a copy of it from the bottom section of

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