Top 10 Sites to Send Free Faxes to U.S. and Canada

We are living in digital times, everything can be done remotely over the internet, and most times, you don’t need to pay to get those things done. You may not have known, but you no longer need to sex faxes using a dedicated fax machine. Yes, there are online platforms (websites) that allow you to send faxes to the United States and Canada. More interestingly, these sites allow you to do that for free.

Although there are some all-in-one printers with fax functionality, switching to online fax service providers is apparently more flexible. There are a good number of sites that offer fax services, but these the top best, reliable ones.

The Top 10 Sites to Send Free Faxes to U.S. and Canada

It is important to say that these free online fax service providers offer limited fax sending services. If you’d have to send multiple faxes in a month, you may have to consider some good paid options.

1. FaxZero


FaxZero allows you to send free faxes to anyone in the US and Canada. The website has a simpler interface and supports a couple of handy features such as document upload and free text. Supported document types include .doc, .docx, and .pdf.

With FaxZero, you can send up to five (5) free faxes per day to anyone living in any city within the United States and Canada. However, you cannot receive faxes with FaxZero – you can only send. While FaxZero is basically free, there are some of its features that you need to pay to use.

2. MyFax


MyFax is yet another good online platform that lets you send and receive fax without paying a dime. It simplifies the entire process of sending faxes by eliminating the manual processes that may involve in-between. However, this service is not entirely free, it only offers a limited free trial period.

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Actually, MyFax works with email; it lets you send and receive faxes via email, the web version, or the mobile app. Its features are ideal for both small businesses and individuals. With MyFax, you can send upload documents, link up to 5 different emails to a fax number, and access your faxes anytime, anywhere.

3. GotFreeFax


One of the reasons to like this free online service that lets you send faxes to anywhere within the US and Canada is the fact that it does include ads and watermark on your cover page. GotFreeFax also allows you to upload documents and free text.

With GotFreeFax, you are limited to sending just two free faxes per day, and your fax doesn’t need to exceed 3 pages. If you’d be exceeding these limitations, GotFaxFree offers decent pricing for unlimited pages and allow you to send multiple faxes per day.

4. PamFax


PamFax is yet another free website that allows you to send free faxes to any location within the United States and Canada. This service offers a limited number of free faxes per day, and if you need to get more, you will have to pay.

You will need to signup and create an account with PamFax before you can use their free fax sending service. More so, this platform does not support receiving fax and you can only send 3-page faxes for free.

5. Fax Plus

Fax Plus

With Fax Plus, you can send free fax online without a fax machine or phone line. It saves you a ton of time and saves you cost, too. More so, Fax Plus doesn’t support only the US and Canada, it allows you to send faxes to any country of the world.

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Fax Plus has limitations for sending free faxes online. You are limited to sending up to 10 pages. It is also possible to upload documents with Fax Plus; it is simple and easy to use.

6. FaxBetter


As long as you’re not going to send voluminous faxes daily, FaxBetter can be your best choice for the best sites for sending free fax. FaxBetter supports OCR and document-search features, as well as stores your faxes in their database.

More interestingly, FaxBetter can help you to receive faxes – but that’s a paid function. You can receive up to 50 pages per month. Email notifications are sent to your email address each time you have new fax. The paid version of this service gives you more flexible options.

7. HelloFax


HelloFax is suitable for both small businesses and individuals. Its features are quite impressive – it supports both sending and receiving faxes online. With HelloFax, incoming faxes are sent to the recipient’s inbox, while outgoing faxes go online.

This online faxing site integrates with cloud services such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, and OneDrive. Thus, you can access your faxes at any time and on any device. Upon signing up, you’re allowed to send just 5 free fax pages.

8. eFax


When you talk about online fax services, eFax is one of those top options to consider. With eFax, you can send faxes for free via the internet. It also supports receiving faxes, and there’s a mobile app version that lets you use the service even while on the go.

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For receiving faxes, eFax lets you create and manage a local fax number. However, you’re limited to receiving 150 incoming pages within a month. Also, with eFax, you can share a fax document with up to 20 persons.

9. PayGoFax


PayGoFax supports sending faxes across the United States and Canada. It is a non-subscription, pay-as-you-go internet fax application, but allows you to send a few faxes for free. This platform can be accessed from anywhere (your PC or your phone).

With PayGoFax, you can send multiple fax documents; however, the limit is 20MB. The platform supports over 20 different file formats but doesn’t support receiving faxes. This is best for small businesses and individuals.

10. CocoFax


CocoFax is simply an all-in-one online fax solution. Its features are unique and it lets you send faxes to anyone in the United States or Canada. However, CocoFax is not entirely free; it supports Google fax, email to fax, and other advanced features that are suitable for businesses.


These online applications and websites allow you to send faxes for free across the United States and Canada. Nevertheless, you can also send faxes to other countries, but that would cost you a fee.

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