How To Improve The Efficiency of Working With Files

Improving the Efficiency of Working With FilesDo you know that digital asset management tools can help you manage your files more professionally, and it comes with so many benefits? One of the surest ways you can improve your efficiency while working with files is to leverage digital asset management system.

This article will show you how you can improve your efficiency of working with files and how a digital asset management platform can improve your productivity.

So let’s begin

How can you improve the efficiency of working with files?

In the last few years, the internet, as we all know it, has changed the way we collaborate in a work environment.

Previously, employees used to sit in their offices or cubicles working independently.

However, with the advent of the internet and today’s cloud storage solutions, businesses can now enjoy increased productivity and collaboration.

Technology has made cloud storage platforms like Daminion gain traction in industries such as the healthcare sector, law, finance, government, etc.

To get the most out of your working files, you’d need a digital asset management system that improves how your workforce performs their duties.

8 ways to leverage digital asset management to improve your efficiency of working with files

Here are the eight ways you can leverage digital asset management to improve your efficiency of working with files in 2022 and beyond:

A secured storage

How often do you hear the term “data breach” and its consequences? This usually happens to an unsecured company’s database.

Data breach refers to a situation in which a third party (hackers or data thieves) gains unauthorized access to sensitive company files.

Furthermore, unsecured storage can become a huge threat to your company because it can be difficult to identify and get rid of the data thief.

However, if you store your files on a secured digital asset management cloud storage system, you won’t have to worry about data theft, compromised passwords, etc.

A secured storage

Search and find documents fast

Research conducted by the International Data Corporation has revealed that employees spend 3.5 hours on average every week searching for documents.

With a digital asset management system, you no longer have to spend lots of time searching for misplaced documents in file cabinets or endless folders.

You can leverage Daminion’s digital asset management system, which provides your company with a highly secure central location to store, access, manage and share documents.

Secure access control

Do you know that loss of sensitive data can lead to a company’s downfall? Especially if your company’s trade secrets fall into the hands of your competitors.

Furthermore, it’s not ideal to manually manage who has access to the company’s files and assets.

With Daminion’s digital asset management tool, you can set access control for each file or folder according to your company’s hierarchy.

Access controls can help you determine who can download, view, delete and upload files.

Also, you’ll be able to protect your digital assets and easily establish access settings that will make your business more productive.

Search and find documents fast

Increased communication and flexibility

With a digital asset management platform like Daminion, you no longer have to stay at your desk to access your files.

On the contrary, you can now access your file database from anywhere and on any device in your possession. Thus increasing your flexibility and enabling a more agile work environment.

Furthermore, one of the selling points of the Daminion digital asset management system is secure communication.

Daminion lets you share files internally and externally with third parties like your clients to keep them in the loop.

Increased communication and flexibility

Live collaboration

Another great benefit of Daminion’s digital asset management system is the live collaboration feature.

Instead of the usual sending of multiple emails back and forth between you and others, all of you can work together on the specific file with ease.

Also, there’s a record of all changes made to a document to see which collaborator made what changes and the time and day they made it. So, you don’t need to worry about losing an earlier document version because you can track all changes.

These features and benefits simplify your group effort, increase productivity in a work environment, and eliminate limitations of previous processes.

Single platform dependence

Daminion digital asset management system is here to challenge and break the status quo to make your work life better and less stressful.

Previously, your workforce may prefer switching between different file storage solutions while working. However, with Daminion, you can now leverage a single platform for all your needs.

Let’s put things in a clearer perspective:

For example, in the past, if you wanted to collaborate with someone on a document, you’d have to use a word processing tool to edit the file and send it via email to the recipient.

Furthermore, you may also receive an updated copy from the collaborator, and the process of working on it and sending a revised manuscript to the collaborator repeats itself on and on.

This is what many collaborators do daily, and with the help of Daminion’s digital asset management software, you can now use one platform to edit, send, and save the files you’re working on.

Single platform dependence

Enhanced project management

Daminion digital asset management solution helps you manage various project types just by clicking a button. With Daminion, you can see the progress report of any file or folder.

Just log into your dashboard to see which individuals have carried out updates. Also, who is currently working on which file, and when will the work be completed.

With the Daminion digital asset management system, you will execute your projects efficiently and timely.

Remote work capability

Do you know that 50% of Americans work remotely? With that said, more and more companies are willing to offer more remote jobs.

However, one of the major fears of remote jobs is data security. Companies are scared of having their sensitive data fall into the wrong hands.

This is where Daminion’s digital asset management system comes in.

You have nothing to worry about data security because Daminion is here to keep your data safe from prying eyes.

We’ll ensure your remote work activity is safe for you and your remote team to perform their daily duties to grow your business.

Remote work capability

The bottom Line

Almost all the companies in today’s world have a storage bank for their digital assets. However, what’s the ease of use that comes with your preferred file storage type?

Today, you can take advantage of the Daminion digital asset management system to increase your productivity level while still upholding the maximum security standards. You can do so by signing up for a free demo account to see how Daminion can grow your business.

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