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android data recovery apps

Best Data Recovery Apps for Android Phones and Devices

I need not tell you how painful it can be  to lose your most important files, it can be demoralizing really. If you are using an android smartphone you will need some luck to...
Android N

Meet NoPhone: The Phone That Does Nothing

Are you an addicted smartphone user? Like so so addicted to your phone? How about i tell that you can solve that problem of not using your phone? Yea... AM a good Samaritan you...
Apple Music

Apple Music For Android Now Has a Widget

Apple of recent are beginning to patronize most of Google's platform now and as it might look like, i think the two rivals are beginning to work together starting from the recently reviewed iOS...
Google Office

Okay Google is Getting a New Voice

Recall the voice we hear after searching for a Post via the No. 1 Search engine website?... Ok, Remember that cool voice that gives you search results? The bad news is, You would no...
Google Office

is Google Developing For Apple ? iOS Secret Exposed

Google and Apple are two rival companies working really hard in creating the next big thing. The later owns the iPhone brand and the former, the Android Os. As surprising as you might think...
Google Office

Google To Remove Chrome Launcher From Major Browsers

if you are a google chrome user, you probably must have come across the App launcher located either on the top right or bottom of your chrome browser but just in case my guess...