Binatone RSF-1602R Rechargeable Fan Review: My Firsthand Experiences

Binatone RSF-1602R Rechargeable Stand Fan $85.00


Binatone RSF-1602R Rechargeable Stand Fan is a top-notched rechargeable standing fan from Binatone. Comes with a remote control and a user manual.


  • Excellent features and value for money
  • Build quality is okay
  • Battery duration is great


  • Could have done better with sturdy plastics
  • The disturbing sound (noise) while oscillating is quite discouraging
  • Larger blades would have been a big plus
  • Addiction of a USB port (power bank) would have been a kill
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Binatone RSF-1602R 16″ multi-function rechargeable standing fan with remote control is the first rechargeable cooling equipment I bought online.

I was a bit skeptical with the product listing as there weren’t any reviews on the page prior to my placing an order for one. My confidence was deep-rooted on the fact that it was sold and fulfilled by Konga and not their merchants.

So, I went ahead and gave it a trial, the experiences so far (after more than 2 months active usage) has been nothing short of awesomeness.

The Features

The Binatone RSF-1602R 16″ multi-function rechargeable standing fan with remote control is a basic home appliance and so does have the basic features of regular home electronics.

Some of the basic features and specification of the RSF-1602R 16″ multi-function rechargeable fan includes –

  •   2-speed control
  • 16″ max height
  • Remote control operation (on/off, high/low, timer, LED control)
  • Easy oscillation and height adjustment
  • Built-in LED night-light
  • AD/DC function (auto-switches)
  • 0.5 hour timer
  • Over-charge and over-discharge protection
  • Retailed with 2 piece 6v 4.5Ah rechargeable battery
  • Charging and operating indicator
  • 12-16 hours charge time
  • Battery duration of more than 5 hours
  • 120 hours stand by mode (DC)
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The Review

As it is with every other electronics and electrical appliances we have owned in the past, we did play around this one, taking a clue from the user manual and would be sharing our experiences so far in this review.

The Price

The 16 inches Binatone rechargeable standing fan (RSF-1602R) we are using for this review is fairly priced. To wit, it was a steal for the price we got it.

It is sold for NGN15,300 (about $85.00) on and comes with a remote control and a user manual. You can get this model from any Binatone showroom nationwide and/or from the popular online shopping websites.

Build Quality

The build quality is top-notched but could have done better with sturdy plastics instead of the cheap looking ones that came with this retail copy.

Another downside we noticed with regards to the build quality is the disturbing sound it makes while oscillating. Apart from this few downside, the RSF-1602R model of Binatone rechargeable standing fan is built to last even in rugged environments like ours.

Battery Life

Binatone RSF-1602R 16" multi-function rechargeable standing fan review7 hours on battery (DC) was quite amazing for a rechargeable fan of this price range. It’s been over two months of steady use already and there isn’t a decline in the battery life yet. This is two hours more than the officially listed battery duration time on the product’s page.

We turned the oscillation notch off to a standstill and set the 2-speed control unit to low on our first night (after charging it for over 15hrs) to meet the above 7hrs battery duration time.

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In all, the battery life is good as it will help keep your room cool and comfortable from the moment you turn off your generator until the morning.

LED Night-Light

The built-in LED night-light is awesome and works even when the battery can no longer power the fan. It can go for as long as four days without issues.

For students, this could add more juice to the lifespan of your reading lamps, saving you the stress of running now and then, looking for a place to charge your lamps.

Overall Performance and Verdict

The RSF-1602R model of Binatone rechargeable standing fan isn’t as big as it seems on the picture but produces very cool breeze with its elegant swivel.

It came with 4-steps easy height adjustment levels and the oscillates in four (4) angles, to wit; up, down, left and right.

It has been a better companion during the hot hours of the day, dry seasons and when our epileptic power holding company decides to shut its door.

This is a great cooling appliance for home, store and lecture venues. Bigger models with up to 18 inches height and elegant features should be used for outdoor events and religious venues.

In all, we can confidently recommend this product to any one that’s looking for a reliable and high quality rechargeable fan to use in home, hostels and living rooms.

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  1. Awesome review,

    Can I use while charging?

    • Sure, you can use it while still charging

  2. Pls how do I charge my battery is it with the AC cord or DC cord

    • It’s with the AC cord. You only make use of the DC cord when charging directly from a solar DC source.

  3. What could be wrong with the charging light(red indicator) not showing/turned on while charging the batteries? . New batteries replaced.
    Fan working and green light showing/on, though.

  4. The charging red light is not illuminating/lightning since I changed the battery. Does it mean the battery is not charging?

  5. Since I bought mine I have not gotten the maximum 6 hours usage. It goes off after 1 or 2hrs of using on battery

    • Hi Amee,

      Did you charge it for 12 to 15 hours before first use?

  6. Can I charge the fan with generator at first use

    • Hi Kudirat,

      We do not advise you to charge the fan with “I pass my neighbor” kind of generators. But other robust/stable ones are no problem at all.

  7. I opened the battery compartment and disconnected the wires on the red part of the battery.still nothing oooooo

    • Hi Winner,

      You don’t need to disconnect the battery. All you’d need do is – remove the insulating battery cover from the terminals, connect the clips and close back the rear compartment.

  8. Great product. Just replaced the batteries after an extended use. Still going strong.

    • Hi Uzo,

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your honest opinion. It is very much appreciated.

  9. Thank you very much bout the explanation for the binaton rechargeable fan. I bought mine on jumia as well and it doesn’t work without power but now I see where the problem is. I will do as you have said.

    • Thanks for dropping by Latit. Do keep us posted on the result after removing the battery insulator

  10. Dear miracle, kindly let me know how to use the fan without power supply. Can’t see the manual that came with mine. It only works with AC current as I type and am not happy at all. Bought on jumia. Thanks

    • Hi Nkasi,

      To use aright, remove the screws that’s covering the battery panel and gently detach the water-proof insulator(s) from the battery life’s (colored red) metal. Insert and screw properly, charge for 15hrs and start enjoying your gadget.

    • You can buy from the Konga/Jumia link(s) listed below the price section.

    • Pls, how do I know if my Binatone rechargeable fan is charging?
      If the battery is low it can still work, right?
      I plugged mine but it works for about 5 minutes and stopped. Not sure what the problem is.

      • Hi Joy,

        For how long have you been using it? Did it ever worked as supposed in the past?

  11. Hello, nice review. Can I know what’s the power consumption e.g Watts if this is not indicated you can multiply the volt X amp to get the wattage.Thanks

    • hi Bisi,

      The wattage is thirty (ie: 30W).


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