Konga.com E-Mall Review: A Reliable Place to Shop Online

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Konga.com’s online shopping site is a reliable destination for both buyers and sellers. They let you shop securely from the comfort of your home and offices.

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Konga online shopping store is a reliable destination for both buyers and sellers. We decided to share our detailed experiences in this review to help you forge ahead and shop with confidence on Konga.com. We also outlined our negative experiences to give a headway on what to expect from most fraudulent sellers.

As it is with most E-commerce websites, there are quality and sub-standard products on display. What makes Konga peculiar is the ability to figure which merchant deals on quality and who doesn’t.

In this review, we’ll be sharing with you our experiences so far and all that we know about shopping online with Konga online shopping website.

konga Online Shopping Website Overview

Konga.com is built on the award-winning Magento software and features a very user-friendly interface wkonga online shopping mall reviewith better cataloging and good product’s classification.

It lets you figure low quality items sellers on the spot by looking at their product’s quality, deliver-ability and communication efficiency all displayed at the top right sidebar.

The platform like every other E-commerce platform out there, has the review tab where you can see the reviews from other buyers before deciding to go with a particular item.

There is also the mobile app for Android, iOS, Blackberry 10 and tablet devices that lets you shop with ease on your cell phone, tablet and PDA(s).

Deals and Promo Codes

Konga.com does have a page dedicated to daily discounts, where genuine products are offered for sale at discounted amount.

Promo codes (coupon/discount codes) are offered from time to time to their email subscribers, mobile apps users and first time app users. I have personally used some of their discount codes and can confirm they really work as advertised.

Konga.com is usually opened for holiday deals such as the black Friday yakata sales, religious holidays sales and 5% price reduction on products purchased via their award-winning KongaPay mobile banking platform.

Our Shopping Experiences So far

We have bought so many items on konga.com, second only to the purchases we made on the Aliexpress.com platform.

Our experiences so far is still on the positive considering that we have had only 2 negative experiences and one bad product (by a third-party seller) that wasn’t as advertised.

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Below is a little chart with some of the items we have bought in the past, the feel and how we could rate them based on price, functionality and overall quality.

S/N Item Price (NGN) Review Rating
1 Saisho S-748 Blender 2,240 We bought this item since May, 2015. It worked great and its still working until now. We made a blog post for it here and can still recommend it to our readers. 5/5
2 Lenovo Ideapad 100 Laptop 54,000 Getting a brand new Intel Pentium Quad Core, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, 15.6-Inches screen and Microsoft Windows 8.1 Laptop for NGN54,000 was obviously insane, but then, we weren’t disappointed with this product. 5/5
3 Nikon Coolpix L29 digital camera 12,850 Wasn’t a decent product but a good product for the amount it was been sold. In all, we weren’t impressed with it but can recommend it only as a budget camera for students. 3.5/5
4 LG Portable DVD Player 14,850 A very impressive product with good battery life and quality audio output. We have bought many of it and have had no issues so far. 5/5
5 Binatone RSF-1602R Rechargeable Fan 15,300 The 16″ rechargeable fan came with a remote control &works for up to 7 hours on low-speed. The only down side of this product is the height & blade, would have done better with 18″ versions. 4.5/5
6 Blackberry Q10 White – App Deal 34,500 We bought this product since May, 2015 and are still enjoying it. The item was delivered in good condition and with all accessories. 5/5
7 HP Pavilion 15 Laptop 181,500 A grade A laptop with top-notched configuration. It was delivered faster and with great communication, even though we changed our mind along the line and got the order rejected. 5/5
8 Toshiba 1TB External HDD 17,100 A high quality product with good transfer speed. We are still enjoying this product and have had no issues yet. 5/5
9 Samsung 32gb Micro sd Card 4,500 This is our worst buy on Konga.com till date, we even wasted a NGN2,000 app coupon code on this fake sd card that had the 32GB label cleaned so it seems as an error. We bought it as 32GB memory card but could only see 16GB that is obviously corrupted and unusable. Then, we got in touch with the seller (Dazzle) who made a card refund of NGN1,500. We were neither impressed with this product nor the GTS Power Basic Clipper we bought from him. 1/5
10 Samsung E360K DVD Player 6,500 This item is a top quality one from Samsung but lacks in basic features such as the ability to resume playback from DVD plates and audio CD(s). The USB playback feature is great and works great for popular media formats. 4.2/5
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We have also bought other good items including storage memories, Stabilizer and other electronic appliances. All the items we have had issues with are being sold by third-party merchants on the mall.

Important Links

Here are some featured links to lookout to when buying or selling on konga.com.

  • Home page: Contains a link to product’s categories and the most important section of the E-mall
  • Merchants Page: Links for product owners or sellers that have products to sell on Konga
  • Daily Deals Page: Where the best-discounted products are displayed. Lets you buy items at their best and cheapest price.
  • KongaPay: Link to sign up for their escrow payment system

Konga.com Review and Recommendations

Konga.com is a customer-friendly E-mall to shop for electronic gadgets, mobile phones, baby care products, fashion, home appliances, books and general goods.

It is a convenient platform that lets you shop from the comfort of your home without fear. The introduction of KongaPay escrow system was really a step in the right direction as many buyers are beginning to embrace it in place of the “pay on delivery” option.

We’ll take a look at the four most sought-after features for any online shopping mall and see how Konga.com ranks.


The cost of goods on Konga.com is very competitive even when compared with some offline stores. As long as you avoid sellers with bad ratings and overall poor product quality showcase, you are going to get good deals on the Emall.

Another factor to consider here when going for a product based on the cost is the duration of the seller, most times, we simply shun third party sellers and go directly for alternate versions of the products if they are being sold by Konga directly.


Konga.com offers free shipping to all locations for items directly sold by Konga and “pay on delivery” for every other items. NGN1,000 are usually placed on products without free shipping for most locations (usually from third party merchants).

Almost all items sold directly by Konga does have a 7 days trial period when the product can be returned and refund or repair made without questions. Konga usually bears the return shipping cost for returned items.

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Based on these features, I’ll rate their shipping methods and terms as one of the very best in the Nigerian eCommerce space


The communication from konga.com and its third-party sellers is great (looking at the Nigerian standard), you get attended to by real persons.

We have had but a few reasons to contact sellers and were responded to, it does take a longer time for most sellers though. Check the seller’s communication rating always before placing an order.


All the time we have had to get in touch with their support was positive except that some third-party sellers usually sell without a single return guarantee in place which makes it difficult to lay claims for faulty items from such sellers.

The email, chat, and phone number mediums for support are all reachable at any time of the day, which makes it easy to get in touch with the support via any chosen medium.

Our Take On the New Konga Return and Cancellation Policy

2023 came with lots of changes in several outlets, including online shopping malls. Konga introduced a new cancellation policy that leaves so much on the table. With the new cancellation policy, you can’t even cancel a new buy yourself without calling their customer support line.

I had a terrible experience where a mistaken double purchase was both shipped (even when I asked for one to be canceled). Their excuse was that shipped items can’t be canceled on their platform – that the seller would have to reject it at the point of delivery. This is not user-friendly (from a customer perspective).

We prefer the old interface where you can cancel an item as soon as you find something better within the same time you made the purchase. Now with the big delays in picking up the customer’s call, one may be discouraged from initiating a quick cancellation for a better offer.

Review Summary

Konga.com counterfeit product’s penetration rate is very much low and could be avoided easily by looking at the seller’s rating before placing an order.

You can also avoid time-wasting on products that never get delivered by searching for the product’s alternatives from trusted sellers.

In all, this is a fantastic place to shop from the comfort of your home. Remember to share your konga.com shopping experiences using the box below.

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  1. I'm always a big fan of konga.com

    Konga.com is my favorite destination for shopping online. I have had great deals on the platform and can easily recommend them to family and friends

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  2. I am a regular user of Konga's eCommerce stores

    I have been using Konga for over 2 years now. The item prices are pretty great, better than most online malls we have here in Nigeria.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  3. My First Online Shopping Experience Was on Konga

    My first Online buying was from Konga, they delivered right on time and since then it has remained my One and only preferred choice. More Interestingly Option for Pay on delivery is available Nationwide,
    My only issue with them is d difficulty experienc3ed sometimes when adding items to the Cart.

    So in summary, Konga was the very first eCommerce store I used and I loved the experience and so have remained with them to date without any form of regret. My only concern with them is that – when trying to check out sometimes, your item never gets added to the cart.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  4. Ikpokolo Francis Ikpokolo Francis

    "Konga is Cheap and Safe - I Trust Them"

    This is indeed a superb Konga review Miracle. What made me get addicted to Konga online shopping stores is the efficiency of their Konga Express Delivery service (i.e the K-express).

    In July this year, I successfully ordered a jewelry pack from a Konga Seller and within 2 working days, I had the items safely shipped to my doorstep in Lekki, Lagos by the Konga Express Delivery Service Personnel.

    So amazing to say the least! Before now, I have never trusted e-commerce shopping arrangements until I tried the Konga e-shopping mall. Thanks again for this succinct review!

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  5. Ikpokolo Francis Ikpokolo Francis

    This is indeed a nice Konga review Miracle. What made me get obsessed with Konga is the efficiency of their Konga Express Delivery service (i.e the K-express).

    In July this year, I successfully ordered a jewellery pack from a Konga Seller and within 2 working days, I had the items safely shipped to my doorstep in Lekki, Lagos by the Konga Express Delivery Service Personnel. So amazing!

    I have before never trusted e-commerce shopping arrangements until I tried Konga. Cheers!