6 Reasons to Choose Custom Mobile App Development Over App Builders

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Nowadays, we can perform almost any kind of activity via mobile apps. From a business standpoint, an app is an excellent opportunity to market a company and attract potential customers. Those who want to create an app for business have several options to choose from. In this article, we are going to elaborate on the reasons why a custom mobile app development company proves to be a better choice.

According to Statista, the global number of mobile users globally is estimated at 6.95 billion, and it is predicted to reach 7.1 billion by 2021. With the ever-increasing number of smartphones, apps are becoming a crucial part of businesses’ marketing strategies. In the US, an average adult spent around 4 hours on mobile daily, 88% out of this time accrues to apps.

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Prior to the app development process, you have to figure out whether an off-the-shelf solution will be enough to cover your needs or do you have to turn to custom mobile app development.

App-builders are a platform which allows users with no technical background to create mobile apps. It is one of the fast and affordable ways to build a mobile app. However, such platforms often provide little to no code app and “one design for all” option without tailoring the app for your business’ specific requirements.

The subscription fee is also imposed for the further use of such an app. App-builder option suits best for those who want to have a beta version of their app, to evaluate its possible performance on the market, and to collect customer’s feedback.

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6 Advantages of Custom Mobile App Development

By contrast to off-the-shelf solutions, custom mobile application development offers a bespoke app, perfectly tailored for your needs and the needs of your users. Let’s dive into the benefits you can get by developing a custom app for your business:

  1. You can validate your idea with MVP. Minimum Viable Product, or MVP, is an effective alternative to DIY app making product. While app-builders create applications with very limited functionality, custom app development enables the possibility to start with MVP — an app with the most basic features. After “testing the waters” you will have the possibility to add features to your app.
  2. The app is customized for your business’ needs. Create an outstanding design for your custom-app. Integrate colors, styles, and graphics of your choice, to create a lasting impression, to provide a higher user experience, and to gain a competitive edge over your competitors.
  3. You can get higher customer satisfaction and retention rates. Combining
    your custom app with the top best analytic tools allow you to design effective personalization strategies. Indicate preferences of your customers and provide them with personalized deals and offers.
  4. You can ensure greater security of sensitive information. During the development process, it is possible to conduct app testing, to identify bugs and eliminate potential issues before the release. In addition, the custom app’s code is safer and more challenging for hackers to tamper. And if your app operates with personal data, it is of the utmost importance to ensure your consumers’ personal data stays protected.
  5. Owning the app makes it easier to upgrade and maintain it further. If you choose to invest in custom app development, you become its owner. You purchase the app designed exclusively for you, and no further subscription fees are required. Further investment is only required if you want to add features or update the app. On the other hand, platforms, which provide off-the-shelf apps, can cut-off the access to the app in case the subscription was canceled. Thus, content, design, and customers can be lost.
  6. You can execute a more effective marketing strategy. Most of the app-building platforms create an app on its own webpage, providing you with no personal app link. In such a case, it becomes impossible to find or promote it. As the owner of the custom-built app, you will have a webpage featuring your app, making it easier to advertise. Social media channels, Google App Store, Apple App Store, are among others where you can promote your app. Moreover, there is a higher chance a visitor will come across your app by accident through organic search.


Before embarking on the business app development journey, you must decide what’s the best possible option for your business. Even though app building platforms guarantee low spending and little turnaround time, there are also significant risks — generic design, lack of apps’ visibility on the market, and others — which can result not only in revenue loss but your reputation damage.

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If you want to develop an app but have no prior experience or not sure whether you can do this on your own, a custom application development company is the best option for you. The mobile app development company will guide you through the process and help to create a top product for you.

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