5 Ways to Make Your Mobile App More User Friendly

The user experience should always be your top priority when working to improve your mobile app. Even if your app’s concept and coding are impressive, none of it matters if the experience isn’t enjoyable for your different users. Aside from hiring UI and UX firms or engineers to help, there are a few clever ways to substantially elevate your app’s user experience to keep people coming back to your app.

Use analytics

When it comes to perfecting any platform, data, and analytics are invaluable. One of the best ways to improve your platform’s user experience is to utilize app analytics that provides real-time data and customer perspectives.

Analytics can show user trends and help you understand how users respond to different features and design elements. App analytics are an irreplaceable resource when improving the user experience, helping you make informed decisions that will benefit each user.

Eliminate inconveinences

If users feel inconvenienced or frustrated when they use the app, they’re more likely to stop using it and seek solutions elsewhere. Many UX and UI experts call this friction, meaning anything bothersome to users that inhibits their ability to use and enjoy the app.

To reduce this friction, you must decrease the amount of effort it takes users to reach their goals on your app. Some examples of friction are lengthy or complex checkout processes, confusing signup processes, or poor navigation.

Personalize the user experience

Personalizing the app experience to cater to different users is an excellent way to improve the app comprehensively. Today, many people appreciate and even expect personalization and customizability.

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Analytics are an excellent way to personalize the experience. Using insightful data, you can tailor the user experience to display known user preferences, customize feeds to their interests, create suggestions based on personal information, and even predict their behaviors.

Understand psychology

You don’t need a degree in psychology, but understanding aspects of the human mind can help you create a better app. Explore marketing tactics rooted in psychology, such as creating urgency, rewarding engagement, offering incentives, and piquing curiosity.

Strategic design elements and in-app features can trigger dopamine or serotonin in a user’s brain, creating a positive association with the app. Not only will this make users enjoy the app more, but it will also keep them coming back and help them form habits related to your platform.

Utilize feedback and reviews

Never underestimate the power of user feedback and customer reviews. If you receive complaints or comments on the user experience and interface, ensure you take them seriously and keep them in mind when improving your app.

There is no reason to wait around for insightful reviews. Consider requesting direct customer feedback via surveys or prompts on the app. Just don’t be too pesky when asking for feedback, or it will cause friction for your users.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, these tips will help you better understand your users and create a delightful and engaging app experience. The best apps are the ones that cater to users and offer streamlined processes.

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