Count-down 190 days: Arvixe Hosting Support is Dead

190 days has passed since I reviewed Arvixe Hosting Services. Most of the points I raised in the review page are still valid except for their support being one of the best.

These days I get the kinda response I ‘ll prefer a robot talking to me instead, sometimes you even get confuse on what to do about the quality of support that comes from Arvixe of recent.

Sometimes they are fast to reply to your request, but most of their response lines leaves so much to be desired, you will even prefer a bot getting back to you with links to read up for self-help instead of getting those time-wasting lines.

The most annoying of them all is when I contacted Arvixe for a problem I was having with one of my sites  hosted on their server; the cpanel won’t allow me upload files directly from the interface using the file manager, except by using a 3rd party ftp client.

I had to wait for more than 24hrs, waiting patiently for those annoying ticket auto-escalation to get a response  from a support guy that told me he replicated same from his end without even resolving the issue.

I gave up finding a solution for this ‘cos I already have the fireFTP add-on active on my Mozilla Firefox browser.

Another Case Study

It is easy to conclude that a host is awesome if you haven’t had need to contact them so often. I contacted Arvixe support again when I had another serious issue with one of my account on their Linux shared hosting plan.

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The phpMyAdmin interface won’t open because of somewhat “cookies” and  “Token mismatch” error. I made a Google search about that and discovered some tips about resolving the issue.

I tried all the browser related solutions including accessing my cpanel from other web browsers, but my problem wasn’t resolved, other tips needs a root access which you don’ t have when using a shared hosting plan.

Arvixe support got my message and requested for my login details which I handed over to him. A few minutes later, he told me he didn’t see the issue from his end.

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When I realized I wasn’t going to get any help from this fellow, i tried the live chat and got hooked up with another top guy that merged the open tickets since they’re all about an issue.

Fast-forward to few hours, the guy came up with some suggestions that looks just right including changing my cpanel skin to the default one .

After I gave him my consent, he tried his best without resolving the issue that seems to be a problem with their server or so, he suggested I allow him install a 3rd party CMS script that does the same function, pending when they fix the issue.

arvixe hosting support is dead

Few hours later, what seems to be a good fix turned a nightmare as my site’s database was hacked and the interface defaced moments after he installed the 3rd party script. At this point I have already given him access to my database and files.

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I know this kinda things do happen when vulnerable scripts are installed. I couldn’t tell if the script was vulnerable or not, I can’t even attribute this fault to him.

All I did was; report the issue to him after removing the script and changing my password hoping that he would find a solution to the initial problem.

He promised to resolve the issue with time. Yesterday I logged in again to check if this is resolved only to find out that the problem is still there after 3 full months.

Other Valid Points

There are many other blunders that forced me decide never to contact Arvixe for any hosting account related issues again, there was a point I had to pay for expired services I no longer use because the support guy couldn’t place it aright.

I normally contact the other hosting companies for problems I have on  my Arvixe  account because their support team isn’t impressing me any longer.

What More?

You have seen my reasons for thinking that Arvixe support is no longer existent, you can bring up a counter prove to support your favorite hosting company (Arvixe).

I will write about them again in future if they start fixing my issues or provide support that isn’t robot-like with some Latin-like jagons.

Update! December 2016.

Arvixe hosting support is gone worse than it was from the date of this review. They are better avoided for now, until something else comes up.   You can pick from any of these solid hosting providers.

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Obasi Miracle
Obasi Miracle is one of the brains behind 3rd Planet Techies. A webdesign afficionado and IT Support brain-box, he flourishes and revel in helping many-a-techies in their aspiration to become the best they can.


  1. Serious problems at Archive. Reliability of service is down and support is horrible. In the last 6 months I’ve had numerous (what they claim to be) “server issues” with both websites and mail. Have tried tickets, chat, and phone support. Each time, I’m told the issue has been escalated to senior support, but I never hear back and the issues do not get resolved.

    • Arvixe is completely dead Dennis, We’ve had nothing but peace of mind since we left their epileptic servers.

  2. It’s a 2 years old conversation… and today it is even more than up-to-date still… Robot like live chat, just a forward ticket bot would do better…

    My Server was hacked… badly… 5 days ago I requested a VPS image restore… No sensible follow up or action taken so far

    From what I can read in all reviews… They seem to be be brain dead… no activity.

    I guess it is sensible to warn people who are still using them to move out as soon as they can before they loose everything.

    Any update on your side?


    • You are right about this Luc,

      Arvixe is no sane place to host a serious website. Their server, support and security is non-existent.

      I have already gone with a sane host that understands the need of a modern website and even increased my website speed and response rate by that singular act.

      I was about writing an article to warn users from using this conundrum of a host before your response came up.

      In the content, I’ll suggest better options for basic, semi-dedicated and premium hosting services.

  3. Arvixe was purchased by Endurance International Group in 2015, since then it’s gone downhill dramatically. Arvixe used to be a reliable, cost-efficient web host. All that changed. There are frequent down times (our site and mail have been down for a week as of this posting) and customer support is virtually non-existent. After 6 years with them, we have to scramble to find another, more reliable web host. It’s a shame to see a once decent company run into the ground.

    • Trust me mate, this is really sad, we’ve been their happy client all these years but could no longer put up with their epileptic services.

      But the trust remains that there aren’t so much great hosting companies out there any longer, the better ones are getting their servers over-sold and might soon turn out a nightmare.

      Arvixe has so moved down the pecking order in our trusted web hosting companies list and might soon get uprooted completely.

      For now, we’ll stick with siteground for shared and bluehost/dreamhost for Managed WP hosting.

  4. This is really a sad experience mate,

    What happens with their live chat?

    you can explore their social media channels or put a call through, I can’t just explain how a company that cares about longevity would treat their clients with such laxity.

    I really loved them and wish they come up stronger again. For now, I’d vouch for siteground and MDD hosting.

  5. its been last 3 days they are not replying to my emails..

    • It irks me Webhesh,

      I think your best option right now is to try out their live chat and hopes that someone knowledgeable enough respond to it

      • Actually me & my customer unable to access our emails, from last 4 days
        it goes directly to admin panel.

        I have mailed everyone in arvixe including support, qa, sales, abuse but none replied.

        We are their customer since last 4 years ..Everything was good just few crashes in a week..downtime was once per day or 2 for 5min to few mins.. which is acceptable for such a cheap price…….and I really liked their quick customer services back then … :(

        but now customer service is dead & they are not responding even after 4 days.

        I have 10-15 websites in ASP.NET and Umbraco rest in wordpress & php, can you please suggest me some good & RELIABLE web hosting companies?

  6. Agbonghama Collins Agbonghama Collins

    Let’s be frank here, the issue raised by obasi in the post isn’t entire good reason to leave arvixe. You didn’t reply the support ticket hence they thought it’s the problem has been resolved.

    We all are humans – troubleshooting a shared hosting server when things go haywire is quite difficult.

    I know that’s no excuse and am not defending them either, but your reasons isn’t cogent enough to make one leave a hosting.


    • Thanks for dropping by bro, I’m not particularly done with Arvixe yet. If you were in my shoes you’re going to do exactly the same thing.

      The previous complains I had with my Cpanel weren’t corrected till now, how will I trust the guy more to hand my details again when the first trial resulted to my site getting hacked?

      Besides, he promised to fix the issue with time, anyway I knew it was going same route with my previous headaches.

      How will you handle the experience of having to rely on third party apps for functions that should work by default with all cpanel software…..

      I mean simple functions like uploading files, phpmyadmin and stuff like that?

  7. @Nos Ero Nosa, We are sorry that you had such a terrible experience. Can you please e-mail QA{@} They are there to make sure issues get handled to the customer’s liking. We would like to see where you had issues with our service. Thank you.

  8. Azubuike Ikedionu Azubuike Ikedionu

    Arvixe Hosting now Sucks big time. I regreted moving my site to them and since then it has been one error to another. My site has recorded the highest number of timeout, it now run too slow than when I host with Hostgator. And the worst part is that their staffs are not that professional, they hardly provide solutions, out of 10 issues they could only solve 5 while advising you to look for developer to help you solve your problems. And in some cases they won’t attend to you at all.

    I have even changed servers with them (from mako to buffalo) which they claimed is their best server for share hosting but that seems to be the worst of all and the go-slow thing still continue. Am tired of them and will move any moment from now once am through with my search for a better host.

    • Hi bro, I feel your pains but won’t agree that this is what everybody on Arvixe shared server is experiencing.

      I had similar issues in the past but had them resolved after moving to a new server.

      I believe with time, they ‘ll be able to guide you towards solving the remaining issues.

      Thanks for dropping by bro, do have a great week.

  9. Hello Obasi,

    It’s a shame Arvixe let you pass through the rigors of frustration and still couldn’t reach balance. I was amongst the few bloggers who Screamed “Arvixe” to friends and collegues, little did I know that what would soon befall me, would be a disaster of epic proportion.

    Arvixe is no longer Arvixe, saying their support system is dead is a little bit too friendly.. I would say the entire company has lost its relevance in the web of things.

    I can’t recommend Arvixe, even to my enemies.

    Great review, I am in the concluding part on my review and should be live this week. I hope you would be available to check it out.

    Best Regards

    • Hi bro, I wait for your review, thanks for dropping by and sharing your experiences with Arvixe Hosting.

      Do not forget to link back from this page after publishing the review.

  10. Hi Obasi Miracle, We are very sorry that you continued to have issues 3 months later. I looked at the ticket from the screen shot through and I am not seeing a request from you for any more work to be done after the last e-mails. The last e-mails from the ticket were the tech running a scan on your account and then removing infected files. As there was no follow up from that e-mail the tech thought the issue was resolved (we send a follow up e-mail after the ticket is closed and confirm that all the issues are resolved). Unfortunately you are currently the only user that is experiencing this, so we need access to your account to fix. The passwords we have no longer work for the account. If you would update your ticket with your new password we would be more then happy to look into the issue. Regards.

    • Thanks Noah for your quick response and intervention, honestly this is faster than what we ‘ll normally get if we’re to send a support mail.

      This shows that Arvixe cares about its customers, I’m impressed but not considering your suggestion at this time.


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