SE Ranking SEO Software Review: Best Solution for Website Analysis?

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SE Ranking is an all-inclusive SEO software with tools to manage the websites and optimize them at the same time. It was founded in 2013 and has since become an absolute favorite of numerous digital agencies and SEO professionals.

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SE Ranking SEO Software is increasingly attracting more people to strengthen their websites in comparison to their competitors. The popularity is pretty much justified because SE Ranking has effortlessly helped people to crack the SEO code and get their websites to success.

If you have been focusing on Google’s SERP rankings for a while, you would know how frequent the changes are. Your website needs a competitive edge to stay atop and SE Ranking gives you exactly that.

What is SE Ranking?

SE Ranking is an all-inclusive SEO software with tools to manage the websites and optimize them at the same time. Founded in 2013, SE Ranking is an absolute favorite of numerous digital agencies and SEO professionals.

SE Ranking SEO Software Review

One of the best things about SE Ranking is its ease of use. You do not have to be pro to use this and the results can help you launch your SEO business off the ground anytime. Yes, SE Ranking can be used by individuals and agencies alike!

Doing Online Website Analysis with SE Ranking

Search engine optimization or SEO is more like a zero-sum game and analyzing your website in comparison with your competitors is an early start for the optimization process.

An in-depth website analysis allows you to review the website for the code, content, structure, offsite authority, and more, for better website enhancement decisions. You can compare your results with your competitors to forge a better survival strategy. The basic website analysis will help you analyze your website for:

  • HTTPS vs. HTTP – If the website is secure or not.
  • How user-friendly the website is?
  • How fast the webpages load?
  • If the webpage has the correct schema markup?
  • The quality and length of the content on the webpages.
  • Presence of backlinks and the quality thereof.
  • The social signals pointing back to the website.
  • If the images on the website are optimized or not?
  • Search intent and past user behavior.

SE Ranking does all this and more. Your website will be checked for various parameters and makes it easy to optimize the same for better results. You can kickstart the process with the website rankings tracker which goes all the way to in-depth structure analysis. The website audit tool is a complete package that is quick to identify the website errors, technical issues, and more.

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Website Audit

It is easy to get started on SE Ranking, as mentioned before. You can start by adding the project and the system will start running an automatic audit of the added website. The time required to complete the audit depends upon the number of pages a website has.

SE Ranking website auditor


SE Ranking lets you monitor the progress as the crawling proceeds. You can get a completion percentage estimate and a queue position if the number of websites exceeds one. You can also configure the maximum number of pages, number of requests per second, the scanning depth, to expedite the crawling process.

Under the Website audit dashboard, you will find a total of five options including report, crawled pages, compare crawls, page changes monitoring, and settings. We will take over each section in detail.

The reports section

Once you are done auditing the website, SE Ranking will provide you with the results in a tabulated and more comprehensive form. In case you perform multiple audits of the same website, the dashboard will display a graph that keeps you informed about the change dynamics and lets you know whether you are on the right track.

The report page will give you detailed information about the domain characteristics of the website including the site’s server as well as the expiration date. Here is your chance at finding all the information you need about the Moz DA of the website and the number of backlinks. The status index will demonstrate the number of webpages indexed in Yahoo, Google, and Bing.

SE Ranking report section


Other parameters available in the reports section include information about the website health, Content, Page, Image and link analysis, Usability, Optimization tips, and more.

The tech details are included in the health check. You can look for the information related to XML sitemap, Flash, Frames, redirects, site mirror, robots.txt, duplicated pages, and more.

SE Ranking health check


Page analysis gives you access to the information regarding URL length, on-page errors, page size, robot.txt blocked pages, no-index meta tag pages, etc.

SE Ranking page analytics


Then comes the meta-analysis. You will find summarized information about page titles, uniqueness, descriptions here.

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SE Ranking meta analysis


Content analysis can help you figure the duplicate content available on the pages and will also help you check whether the pages are too big or small. You can look for the HTML heading status right here.

content legnth

The inbound and outbound link status is available in the link analysis part of the report. This function allows you to look deeper into the no-follow tags and improve the anchor texts.

inbound links

Image analysis lets you find the imagines without Alt texts and the ones with 4xx, 5xx statuses.

SE Ranking image analysis

The optimization part of the report provides general tips for optimizing the website for both mobile and desktop platforms. You can get additional information about the JavaScript usage errors, tips about minifying and compressing HTML, JS, CSS, etc. The usability and technology analysis checks for branded favicons, 404 errors, website security, and loading speed.

optimization report

The Crawled Pages Section

SE ranking analyses your website for a lot of other stuff too. The crawled pages section will provide you information about the site pages, external links, and images that were crawled in the audit. Each analysis is done against various SEO parameters and the subsections are further equipped with filters to make working on them easy. You can sort errors based on the type and work accordingly.

The analysis is thorough and by thorough, we mean each page is separately analyzed to make sure that you do not miss any warnings. The tool will highlight the parameters that need to be fixed.

Crawled Pages Section


The external links will give you an insight into the links leading to external sources and other related parameters including the presence of a no-follow tag, server response, crawl depth, anchor text, and more.

The crawled images sub-section will help you locate images on the website, and you can analyze the results against parameters including Alt text, size, server response, etc.

Compare Crawls Section

If you have completely audited a website more than once, you can use this option, choose the audit dates, and compare the results to know more about the improvements if any. You can also check on what got worse and improve upon the same.

Crawls Section Compare


This section allows you to check on the progress made so far. You can look at the number of pages crawled in each audit, several passed checks, Fixes – both important and semi-important, and the MozRank.

Page Changes Monitoring section

You can select some pages from the website to put them under surveillance for any changes. You will be notified about the page element alterations. You can choose the monitoring frequency as per your convenience.

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Page Changes Monitoring sectionThe addition of pages can be made through the list of URLs, that are already available in the toolkit from the previous audits.

The settings section

You will have liberty with SE Ranking that allows you to customize the crawling conditions, limits, and restrictions, changing the audit frequencies, etc.

You can schedule an audit and the platform will run it just on time. You can also set the frequency to weekly, monthly, or just run it manually whenever it is convenient for you.

settings section


Source of pages for audit will allow you an opportunity to choose website pages for crawling and simultaneously mark them for Yandex and Google bots.

page audit


The rules for scanning pages can be changed to suit your requirements. For example, you can choose whether or not to consider the robot.txt directives or just ignore them.

the rules


The parser settings allow us to choose a crawling bot or allow access to website pages that are otherwise blocked for the web crawlers.

parser settings


You can also set maximum crawling depth, the number of webpages to be crawled according to the data plan and number of queries per second, in the limits and restrictions subsection. You can alter the limits for each website that you are currently monitoring.

the limits


My SE Ranking SEO Software Review and Verdict

SE Ranking has got it all. This one SEO tool is power-packed to analyze the structure and content of the website like it is nobody’s business. Each audit empowers you to accurate data sets, better analytical reporting; thereby enhancing the website’s functionality leaps and bounds. The dependability and comprehensiveness are worth praise and this one SEO tool can help you optimize your website from the ground up!

With a host of powerful tools and features, SE Ranking is hands-down one of the best online website analyzers out there. Not to forget that this is just one part of the amazing toolkit offered by SE Ranking. When you become their premium member, you get all sorts of benefits and amazing tools at your disposal. Anyone can start with their demo account and then upgrade to some other plans once the need arises.

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