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Are you a photographer, sculpturer, or creative artist? If you are well known among the artist fraternity or is just an amateur artist, it is a good idea to create your online portfolio. There are different methods to execute this process. Usually, online portfolios are being created with the help of portfolio templates of different remuneration and free service providers online, in which WordPress is leading the domain. According to the needs and tastes of the users, there are unique solutions available in terms of custom-designed templates as well as easy to manage control panels.

Designing and hosting your own website is also an alternate option. However, maintaining a website is a task that demands a good amount of your time. It calls for hosting, management, platform maintenance, promotional activities like SEO social media promotion etc. It is not a viable option for a creative artist like you to spend time maintaining a website and mastering the technical skills needed to manage it.

In this case, the most feasible option you have in hand is to get hold of any reliable service of hosted portfolio creation websites. Such sites can offer you a lot of choices in pre-designed professional portfolio templates so that you can showcase yourself and manage the promotional and social sharing activities. As an artist or a photographer, maintaining a proper and attractive online portfolio can help you to grow and get established quickly. However, once you plan to create a portfolio, you should conduct a bit of research to do it in the most desired manner and enjoy the benefits at its best.

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There are many sites offering specific customized features based on your field of expertise, i.e., for photographers, painters, logo designers and many such creative branches. Some websites also feature the commercial aspects, allowing you to sell your works or offer creative services to other. Further in this article, we will discuss about some major hosted websites offering free portfolio creation services. By using any of these sites to create your professional portfolio, you can fully enjoy the benefits by assuring your active presence on the global platform- the Internet.


Behance is a highly popular online platform meant to showcase creative work. The creators can upload and update their work; all at one place and broadcast it effectively by assuring a wide reach. The beneficiaries can explore the work and get access to the right talents on a global platform.


Carbonmade is another free online portfolio service, featuring simplicity. It is a site where you cannot do a lot of things, but it gives particular attention to the core functions of your specific portfolio. For those who want to showcase their work without much hassle, Carbonmade is a right platform. Apart from the free option, they also offer premium services with add-on features.


Krop is a unique portfolio-hosting site as well as an industry job board used by many talented individuals around the globe. The membership for creative individuals is offered for free, but the businesses that want to access the database of talents need to go for a paid subscription.

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Coroflot is offering a unique professional experience for all sorts of designers. The features include connecting the designers globally, get access to career opportunities, giving businesses access to the top talents, and offering exposure to the most amazing design works by lead designers. Coroflot is regarded as one of the best portfolio platform for the designers of all specializations.


Shown’d acts as a common hub in order to maintain the portfolio as well as to secure an employment. It has a very clean design and also features the most powerful tools in order to offer more focus on the artists and their vision. The service is free and also offers the feature to get your images imported from Flickr.


If you are on the look out for a deal to get a good exposure for you work, DeviantArt is a great place to be at. It is a long-running and famous site with millions of users all around the world. There is a unique interactive community feature also where you can get creative critique about your work for improvement.


From its inception in the year 2001, Shadowness has now grown into a huge art community with more than 50,000 artists and designers in it. Millions of viewers visit this site every month. Shadowness features powerful, yet simple tools in order to connect the artists and designers all over the world and share their works.

Apart from these major ones, there are several other online portfolio hosting site as Portfoliopen, VoodooChilli, LogoPond, Creative Binge, Design-Related, Glossom, Creative Shake, 500px, Crevado, Creattica, Dripbook, Viewbook etc., which you can make use of to create your portfolio.

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