What Are the Benefits of Using Posters as Part of Your Ads?

One probably wouldn’t be surprised at all to find out that Generation Z representatives often need to Google ‘poster’ to get a clear picture of what it is. One of the most efficient advertising techniques, posters are sometimes said to be quickly losing their relevance in today’s digital age. Indeed, the rapid development of different digital marketing channels has significantly changed the overall situation in the market. Yet, nothing is new under the sun – a similar situation happened before.

When printed media and television boomed, many experts were saying that they would squeeze posters out of the advertising field. However, this never happened and posters are still very popular. Just think of the last time you went to the movies. Can you imagine a cinema without traditional posters on the walls? And there are many more such examples. Posters still have many benefits to offer to a marketer. Let’s take a closer look at the biggest ones.

Benefits of Using Poster AdsCost Efficiency

Every brand owner knows that promotion campaigns are very far from being cheap. And that’s where posters come in very handy. From a financial perspective, they are less expensive if compared to radio or TV advertising. At the same time, they are extremely effective and efficient in terms of spreading the message to a wider audience.


When it comes to design options, posters have no limits whatsoever. Juicy images, interesting creative fonts, fabulous graphic design, and resonating words – all these ingredients are waiting to be combined in a unique unforgettable mixture to precisely meet your needs. The good news is that while in the past you most likely would need to seek the assistance of a professional marketing agency to have your posters designed and printed, now you have a perfect opportunity to do it yourself with an online poster maker, saving your time and money. No one knows your brand and its upsides better than you, so you can use this knowledge to your advantage while creating your own poster designs.

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We live in a fast world where things tend to change so quickly that we have already lost count of these changes. That’s why more and more people feel tempted to take a pause and look back at their happy past. Nostalgic feelings about good old times are an excellent tool for improving our marketing results.

By using compelling concepts from the past, you can connect with your customers on an emotional level. And posters make a very good way to build a link between your brand’s message and well-recognized and longed-for things of the past. To make sure you make the most of these bittersweet feelings, you can utilize some vintage design elements into your posters – and it can be anything from images and photos to fonts and color palette.

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Posters have been in use for such a long time that everyone got used to having them around as something natural and typical of their everyday life. Even the most hardcore customers subconsciously regard posters as credible sources of information. Moreover, since posters are often seen in popular public places, which automatically raises their level of trustworthiness in the customer’s eye.

High Visibility

Posters have been around for such a long time, that they are perhaps the best at catching a person’s eye. It’s almost like an unconditioned reflex – when somebody sees a poster even from the corner of their eye, they immediately feel completed to take a closer look at it. Experts claim that a good poster design can capture the customer’s eye in milliseconds. What really makes posters stand out among other marketing techniques is that they are indeed very easy to notice.

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Calling to Action

Like any other advertisement, a poster is extremely good at sending out a message that resonates with the target audience. However, the added value only posters possess is that they are not just informing customers about your brand, but also contain a direct call to action advising your customers what you would like them to do, for example: visit our store, share this post with friends, make use of this special discount offer, etc.

poster advertisingSuitable for Many Environments

Of course, traditionally posters were considered primarily a printed method of advertising. Yet, we all know that many things have changed since then, social media being one of the key advancements in this area. The brilliant idea about posters is that as soon as you have designed them, you can use them in many ways, including on social media. Relevant posters can raise your Facebook or Twitter account. And developing a comprehensive digital and printed marketing strategy can make your poster campaign go viral.

Final Note

Bold, printed graphic designs have fought for our attention in the streets for years and we are absolutely convinced that posters have a big future in the digital era. The key to success is to find the right approach that balances the glorious past of the posters with the digital media requirements. In all likelihood, the concept of posters will be slightly adjusted, but they will remain a concise and efficient communication tool.

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