Latest codes for 9Mobile (etisalat) Internet subscription

9Mobile formerly Etisalat is one the most influential telecommunications service provider in Nigeria. It offers favorable tariff plan rates and data packages.

This article will be of help to anyone searching out for latest 9Mobile subscription codes. It has the latest valid USSD codes for 9Mobile’s data bundles and internet subscription packages.

Internet Bundle Plans (Monthly, Weekly, and Daily)

Here are the latest valid codes to subscribe to 9Mobile’s internet bundles. You can use them for your cell phone, smart watches and tablet devices.

Plan Details (Data Cap)(N) PriceDurationUSSD codeSMS to 229
Monthly plans (Mobile and PC)
1GB (1000MB)1,00030 days*229*2*7#
1.5GB (1500MB)1,20030 days*229*2*25#AND11
2.5GB (2500MB)2,00030 days*229*2*8#AND2
4GB (4000MB)3,00030 days*229*2*35#
5.5GB (5500MB)4,00030 days*229*2*36#
11.5GB (11,500MB)8,00030 days*229*2*5#MB6
15GB (15, 000MB)10,00030 days*229*4*1#SM1
27.5GB (27. 500MB)18,00030 days*229*4*3#SM3
Weekly Plans
150MB2007 days (1 week)*229*2*10#LCD
Daily Plans
10MB5024 Hours (1 day)*229*3*8#MI3
40MB10024 Hours (1 day)*229*3*1#MI1

Flexible 9Mobile data plans

Flexible Data Plans
Plan Details(N) PriceDurationUSSD codeDescription
1GB200Daily Night Plan (5 Hours)*229*3*11#Valid for 24 hours, but can only be used at Night 12 am -5 am
2GB1,000Every evening and weekends (30 days)*229*3*12#Works 7 PM – 7 AM from Monday to Thursdays and works for 24 hours on weekends (Fri – Sun)
5GB + 100MB for WhatsApp2,000Every evening and weekends (30 days)*229*3*13#Works 7 PM – 7 AM from Monday to Thursdays and works for 24 hours on weekends (Fri – Sun)

 Random 9mobile Data Plans

Random Data Plans
Plan Details(N) PriceDurationUSSD CodesSMS to 229
500MB50030 days*229*2*12#LCD2
Quarterly plan (30GB)27,50090 days*229*5*1#4M
bi-annual plan (60GB)55,000120 days*229*5*2#6M
100GB Plan84,99230 days*229*4*5#SM5
annual plan (120GB)110,000365 days (1year)*229*5*3#12M
1GB (weekend plan)500Friday 11:59pm – Sunday 11:59pm (2days, 48 hours)*5995*2# –

SmartPak Bundles

With these 9Mobile SmartPak Bundles, you are sure never going to run out of data soon. It has hourly, daily, and weekly data plans that fit into every pocket and lifestyle.

It features 5 interesting Paks – ChatPak, SocialMe Pak, Video Pak, Special Smart Chat Pak, and Special Social Pak.

SmartPak TypePrice (N)Subscription CodesAccess to

Chat Pak

Daily50*343*5*5#WhatsApp, BBM & WeChat

Social Me Pak

Daily100*343*6*7#Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Eskimi, WhatsApp, BBM WeChat

Video Pak

2 Hours400*229*3*5#2 hours of unlimited video streaming from any app
3 Days500*253*1#3 hours of uninterrupted video streaming + “free” night streaming ( fair usage T&C applies)
7 Days1000*253*2#7 hours of uninterrupted video streaming + “free” night streaming ( fair usage T&C applies)
Special Smart Chat PakWeeklyN500 (with 1.5GB data allowance)*343*5*10#BBM, WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook messenger
Special Smart Social PakWeeklyN700 (with 2GB data allowance)*343*6*12#BBM, WhatsApp, facebook, twitter, Eskimi, Instagram, Wechat, kakao Talk

Smartphone Plans

9Mobile smartphone data plans lets you make calls at 20K/s to any network while the bundle subscription is active. The call rate switches back to 40K/s when you exhaust the bundle plan.

It is automatically renewed if you have enough airtime on your SIM. Also, you can cancel the auto-renewal by dialing *229*0#. To view your data balance, you’d need dial *228#.

Data CapPrice (N) Billed MonthlySMS to 8183USSD Codes

Wrap Up

These are the latest valid subscription codes for all 9Mobile’s data bundles and internet subscription packages. It all comes with fair-usage policies and unused data balance are rolled over at renewal.

What’s your say on these 9mobile data plans? Do they make the cut for you? Let’s get your views, suggestions and reviews below.

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  1. Why does your network not have a top deal data plan that is more affordable like the one of N50 to get 200 mb and your night plan should be N50 to get 500mb.


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