Airtel Internet Data Bundle Plans, Subscription Codes & Prices

Airtel Nigeria has improved from their not-straightforward blackberry plans to other affordable plans that are quite friendly for use on PC and android devices.

If you’re a smart phone user looking for the best data plan to use on your phone or tab, you can simply jump to the Airtel android data bundle plans, Airtel blackberry plans or see the cheapest data plans for all networks in Nigeria.

Airtel do not have normal data bundle plans cheaper than the ones we’ve discussed in the links above, so if you’re still interested in knowing all their data bundle plans, prices and activation codes – continue with the table below.

Airtel Internet Data Bundle Plans, Activation Codes & Prices in Full

Bundle PlanPrice
Data AllowanceValidity PeriodUSSD CodeSMS to 141
Best for?
Airtel Entry Level Plans
Free160MB30 days*400#TrialTesting Speed
N10050MB24 hours*410#DailyPhone
N200200MB3 days*412#3-daysSmart Phone
N10025MB (5MB p/d)5 days*401#5-STARSocial Apps
Airtel Weekly PlanN300350MB7 days*417#WeeklyPhone
Airtel 14 days PlanN500750MB14 days*418#EasySmartphones
Airtel 2G LiteN200unlimited10 days*482*1#2GFeaturePhones
Airtel 2G MaxN500unlimited25 days*482*2#2G MaxCell Phones
 Airtel Monthly Plans
₦ 1,0001.5GB30 days*496#And 1.0SmartPhones
₦ 1,5003GB30 days*435#UnlimitedComputer (PC)
₦ 2,0003.5GB30 days*437#And 2.0PC/Tablets
N2,5005GB30 days*437*1#And 2.5PC
 N3,500 7GB30 days*438#And 3.5PC/Mi-Fi
N4,0009GB30 days*438*1#And 4.0Mi-Fi/HotSpot
N5,00010GB30 days*452#Mega 54G LTE Device
N8,00016GB30 days*460#Mega 8Heavy Users
N10,00022GB30 days*462#Mega 10Vloggers
N15,00030GB2mths (60 days)*463#Mega 15Mini-cafe
N36,00050GB6mths (180 days)*406#Mega36Bus. Centre
N70,000100GB1yr (365 days)*407#Mega 70Computer(s)
N136,000200GB1yr (365 days)*408#Mega 136LAN
Airtel Time-Based/Night/Weekend Plans
₦30unlimited30 Minutes*439*3#T 30Quik download
 ₦500 unlimited 1hr *439*4# T60 PC Downloads
 ₦1,000 all nights (3hrs) b/w 12am-5:59am *481*2# Night Movies Dwns
 ₦200 200MB from Sat-Sun *472# Sat/Sun Sermon Prep.
₦500500MBfrom Sat-Sun*473#weekend2Sermon(s)



  • Dial *141*11*0# or *140# to check your remaining subscription data allowance
  • You can dial *141# to access the data menu that allows you choose a data plan automatically
  • You can follow updates and see all latest Airtel Nigeria data bundle plans and activation codes by paying a visit to
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  1. Patrick Martins

    Thanks for this airtel internet data plans. But did you noticed that the bundles also shared by Cameron Samuel on his blog, have higher prices, and when i checked, some of Airtel bundles i have been subscribing to for months, have been increased, like the N3,500 for 9gb has increased to N4,500.


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