How Do Toll Free Numbers Work?

By now, you may have heard a lot about toll-free numbers. These refer to numbers with a distinct three-digit code, which can be called from a landline without cost to the caller. A toll-free number is an asset for any business, as it enables customers to reach the company more easily. Even if the company is out of their area, such as internationally, callers will not be charged a fee. Should the customers have any concerns, these are addressed immediately and adequately.

Toll Free Numbers

But do you know exactly how toll-free numbers work, and how important they are to a business? Read on below to find out more.

How Does A Toll-Free Number Work?

A toll-free number presents an advantage to the customer that’s trying to reach your business. With this number, they’re able to contact your business at absolutely no cost to them. Rather, the business bears this cost.

With this kind of system in place, customers can successfully avoid all the charges that they may incur in case of any problem. For businesses, the number of disgruntled customers is reduced, as they end up feeling more satisfied.

What Are The Toll-Free Codes?

When a business signs up for a toll-free number, it usually begins with one of the following three-number combinations: 833, 800, 888, 844, 877, 855, and 866.

Whenever a call is made on the hotline that begins with these combinations, the calls are routed to a particular telephone number or a customer service hotline that picks up the call. This number is generally linked to the toll-free customer service provider or call center hotline, like that of Kall8.

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What Are The Advantages Of A Toll-Free Number?

Going the extra mile to ensure that your business will have a toll-free number is not without its advantages. There are many benefits that your business can gain by having one. Some of the advantages of a toll-free number include the following:

Better customer service

A toll-free number is one of the most obvious ways for your business to ensure that your customer service is superior. Because the calls are free at the customers’ end, you’re making it easier for them to reach you, sans any reluctance for being charged a hefty amount. Not only can your customers reach you for concerns or problems that they may have, but it also makes it easier for them to complete purchases made online.

Improved brand image

When it comes to competing with all other businesses around, you must be able to give yourself an edge. Having a number for customers to dial, free of charge, should they have any concerns about your products and services makes your company look good and more professional.

Increased trust and credibility

When it comes to businesses, as you compete with so many other companies that are out there in the market today, trust and reliability are significant.
Customers feel more confident and assured when they buy products or avail services from a company that allows them to call a number freely without any charge, in case of any concerns. It also projects the image that the brand is genuinely concerned about its customers.

Better memory recall

Toll-free numbers can also be remembered more easily. This adds to the convenience factor for regular customers. It’s generally easier to remember toll-free numbers than those of a regular 9-digit or 11-digit phone or mobile number.

Serves as a vanity phone number

This advantage applies to those of you who like to take it one step further by setting up a vanity phone number. By this, it means that the numbers are also arranged to spell out the brand name of the business. Vanity numbers work as an advantage in marketing, as these are catchy and easy to remember. Plus, it makes your business look even more legit.

May work as a non-profit helpline

Should there be any emergency in the area or locality where your business belongs, it can also be easier for your business to be one of those serving on the front line, providing a non-profit helpline for those in need. For instance, whenever there’s a call regarding help for food or rescue, your phone can also be attached to this.

While this purpose may not exactly be business-related, it still serves quite a noble role. Remember that even businesses have a corporate social responsibility role to help those around them. When your local area goes through difficult times such as a crisis, many will still remember the good that you’ve done.

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This works very much like a marketing strategy, whereby people are even more inclined towards supporting your business when they know that in the hard times, your business was around to make things a little bit easier.

How Are Toll-Free Numbers Assigned?

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Now, you may also wonder how toll-free numbers are assigned. In most cases, these are given to businesses on a first-come, first-served basis.

When your business subscribes to a toll-free number, you’re directed to a body, usually called “Responsible Organizations.” These bodies reserve a toll-free number on behalf of your business and also manage and administer the records for these toll-free subscribers.

It’s also these entities that are responsible for maintaining a database that holds all the information concerning the status of every toll-free number given.

Furthermore, there are guidelines that businesses have to abide by in applying for toll-free numbers. Some of these include the following:

  • RespOrg, or Responsible Organization, should be able to allocate reserved numbers within a period of eight months to prevent hoarding of numbers and delays
  • Toll-free numbers are always given on a first-come, first-served basis
  • RespOrg should never assign a toll-free number without first identifying who the user of this number will be
  • Businesses can only subscribe to the toll-free numbers that they actually do intend to use for their business


Now that you know more about toll-free numbers, the next step for you is to consider having one for your business. While this is an added cost to your business, the expense is worth it because it immensely improves the quality of your customer service. On top of that, you’re also giving your customers a more convenient way of reaching your business.

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Noting that customer service is and always will be a significant aspect for any business, when you have this angle covered you know that you’re putting yourself ahead, or at least at the same level as your direct competition.

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