Spectranet Internet Data Plans, Subscriptions Codes, and Selfcare Numbers

Spectranet is a popular ISP operating in Nigeria; it was the first ISP to launch 4G LTE in Nigeria, and the company has kept on extending and expanding its tentacles. Spectranet internet offers a variety of internet data plans, and you could be eligible for mouthwatering discounts at some point – if you keep using their services.

To enjoy Spectranet Broadband data offers, you must own a Spectranet internet device. The company offers different internet devices, ranging from portable MiFis for home and work use to standard routers and WiFi devices. Spectranet devices are sold in the company’s verified stores, or purchase from the online store.

Here’s a comprehensive article detailing the many data plan offers and subscription codes from one of Nigeria’s leading internet service providers, Spectranet.

Latest Spectranet Internet Data Plans and Pricing Chart

Spectranet Internet Plans and Subscription Codes

Data Plan Package Data Cap Price (₦) Plan Details
Kulele Plans 12GB N3,999 Kulele 3999
24GB N5,999 Kulele 5999
32GB N7,999 Kulele 7999
50GB N10,999 Kulele 10999
60GB N12,999 Kulele 12999
80GB N15,999 Kulele 15999
Kulele+ Plans 32GB N8,999 Unlimited Browsing @300 Kbps speed post 32GB
50GB N11,999 Unlimited Browsing @300 Kbps speed post 50GB
60GB N13,999 Unlimited Browsing @300 Kbps speed post 60GB
80GB N16,999 Unlimited Browsing @512 Kbps speed post 80GB
125GB N18,999 Unlimited Browsing @512 Kbps speed post 125GB
145GB N21,999 Unlimited Browsing @512 Kbps speed post 145GB
175GB N24,999 Unlimited Browsing @512 Kbps speed post 175GB
200GB N27,999 Unlimited Browsing @512 Kbps speed post 200GB
doMORE Plans 8GB N3,250 8GB data + Unlimited Morning Browsing
10GB N3,750 10GB data + Unlimited Morning Browsing
15GB N5,300 15GB data + Unlimited Morning Browsing
18GB N6,500 18GB data + Unlimited Morning Browsing
Unlimited Plans 125GB N18,999 Unlimited (FUP Applies) @512 kbps post 125GB
200GB N20,000 Speed @4Mbps – 512kbps post 200GB
Long Validity Plans 120Gb N22,000

(3 months)

Long validity
180GB N33,000

(6 months)

Long validity
240GB N44,000

(1 Year)

Long validity
Mini Plans 1GB N299 One day plan
2GB N499 Two-day plan
4GB N999 Four-day plan
6GB N1,499 One-week plan (7 days)
Booster Plans (Top-up) 1GB N300 Booster
2GB N500 Booster
4GB N1,000 Booster
6GB N1,500 Booster
Smart Value 42GB N16,500

(6 months)

42GB + Free Unlimited Morning Browsing
54GB N19,300

(6 months)

54GB + Free Unlimited Morning Browsing
78GB N27,600

(6 months)

78GB + Free Unlimited Morning Browsing
96GB N33.100

(6 months)

96GB + Free Unlimited Morning Browsing
108GB N38,600

(6 months)

108 GB + Free Unlimited Morning Browsing

Spectranet Witel Plans

Spectranet also has specialized plans for their magic box popularly called WiTel. It’s a super portable 4G desk phone that lets you browse the internet and make regular calls as well. This portable internet modem (just like MTN HyNetflex) can connect to 10 devices simultaneously.

WiTel Plan/Packages Data Cap Price (₦) Plan Details
WiTel Combo Tariff Plans 12GB ₦4,500 12GB + 50 mins Voice Call
24GB N6,500 24GB + 75 mins Voice Call
32GB N8,500 32GB + 100 mins Voice Call
45GB N10,500 45GB + 125 mins Voice Call
60GB N13,500 60GB + 175 mins Voice Call
80GB N16,500 80GB + 225 mins Voice Call
125GB N19,500 125GB + 275 mins Voice Call
WiTel Combo Topup Plans 1GB N500 1GB + 10 mins Voice Call (As per validity of plan)
2GB N1,000 2GB + 20 mins Voice Call (As per validity of plan)
4GB N2,000 4GB + 40 mins Voice Call (As per validity of plan)
10GB N5,000 10GB + 100 mins Voice Call (As per validity of plan)
20GB N10,000 20GB + 200 mins Voice Call (As per validity of plan)
WiTel Voice Topup Plans 40 Mins N500 The same validity as your subscription plan
80 Mins N1,000 The same validity as your subscription plan
200 Mins N2,000 The same validity as your subscription plan
500 Mins N5,000 The same validity as your subscription plan
WiTel Data Topup Plans 1GB N500 The same validity as your subscription plan
2GB N1,000 The same validity as your subscription plan
4GB N2,000 The same validity as your subscription plan
12GB N5,000 The same validity as your subscription plan

How To Subscribe To Spectranet Plans?

There are a couple of ways you can pay for or renew your Spectranet internet data subscription. Spectranet payment options include:

  • Bank Apps: You can pay or renew your Spectranet subscription from the Bills & Payment section available on your mobile banking app. Supported banks are GTB, Access/Diamond, FirstBank, UBA, and Zenith.
  • Digital Payment Services (FinTechs): Digital payment platforms like Jumiapay, QuickTeller, Paga, Easy Online Pay, and Opay Outlet can be used to make Spectranet payments.
  • In-Person/In-Store: You can walk into Spectranet verified outlets and make payments to renew your plan or purchase a new one. (Note: Spectranet is only available in four states – Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Ibadan).

Spectranet Selfcare Numbers

If you need to reach out to Spectranet customer care or want to have a chat with their dedicated support team, you can fill out the form on the Contact page of the company’s official website or reach out for Spectranet selfcare services via 08002345678 or 07002345678.

Also, you can shoot an email to the support team via [email protected]. There’s equally a live chat option on their official website.

What More?

Well, Spectranet internet has been around since 2009 and was the first to offer unlimited internet services in Nigeria. Several large cooperation in Lagos and Abuja uses Spectranet Broadband services for the day-to-day running of their businesses.

Whenever a dedicated internet data plan is the topic of the day, Spectranet does have subscription codes you can just dial and subscribe or renew your plan. However, it offers flexible payment options, so you choose the best suitable one for you. This article has explicitly listed the various Spectranet data plans you can buy. The only downside with Spectranet internet services right now is – It’s only available in Ibadan, Abuja, Lagos, and Port Harcourt.

Share your concerns, questions, or tips on Spectranet internet devices by using the comment box below.

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