9Mobile Internet Data Bundle Plans: Subscription Codes & Prices

9Mobile is no small player in the Nigerian Telecommunication space. They have both competitive and user-friendly internet data bundle plans for use on computer (PC), smart phones and personal digital assistance (PDA).

We have written about All Nigerian Internet Data Bundle Plans and Activation Codes previously but thought it wise to update you with the most recent activation codes for subscribing to 9Mobile data bundles.

 The Featured Plans

We choose to feature the following plans based on their flexibility, cost and peculiarity. You can skip this featured list to see all their plans in the table below.

1. 9Mobile 1GB Plan (N1,000): This plan is best used on feature phones and/or low-end android devices. It provides 1GB of data and valid for 1 month (30 days).

To activate, dial *229*2*22# or text SMARTB to 8183.

2. 9Mobile 1.5GB plan (N1,200): This plan is suitable for use on Tablets, iPad, iPhone and high-end android devices. It allows 1.5GB of data and valid for 1 month (30 days).

To activate, dial *229*2*25# or text AND11 to 229.

9Mobile Internet Data Bundle Plans, Activation Codes & Prices in Full

Bundle PlanPrice
Data Allowance
Validity PeriodUSSD CodeSMS to 229
Best for?
9Mobile Daily PlansN5010MB24 hours*229*3*8#MI3Phones
N10040MB24 hours*229*3*1#MI1PDAs
9Mobile Weekly PlansN200150MB7 days*229*2*10#LCDCell Phones
9Mobile Monthly PlansN500500MB30 days*229*2*12#LCD2Smartphones
N10001GB30 days*229*2*7#Regular Surfing
N1,2001.5GB30 days*229*2*25#AND11Smartphones
N2,0002.5GB30 days*229*2*8#AND2iPad/Tablet devices
N3,0004GB30 days*229*2*35#Smartphones/Tabs
N4,0005.5GB30 days*229*2*36#Mobile Downloads
N8,00011.5GB30 days*229*2*5#MB6Hotspots/Tethering
N10,00015GB30 days*229*4*1#SM1Computer (PC)
N18,00027.5GB30 days*229*4*3#SM3PC/Mi-Fi
9Mobile Night &WeekendsN2001GB night only plan (12am-4am)24 hours*229*3*11#Study/Research
N5001GBFri. 11.59pm – Sun. 11.59pm*5995*2#Handset
N1,0002GB evening & weekend plan7pm – 7am x 30days*229*3*12#Clergymen
N2,0002GB evening & weekend plan + 100MB Whatsapp (24/7)7pm – 7am x 30days*229*3*13#Working Class
Special PlansN27,50030GB quarterly plan90 days 90 (3months)*229*5*1#4MMi-Fi/Family Use
N55,00060GB Bi-annual plan120days (4months)*229*5*2#6MWi-Fi/routers
N84,992100GB30 days*229*4*5#SM5Movies/Heavy Downloads
N110,000120GB365 days (1 Year)*229*5*3#12M Mini Cafe~
Smartphone Plans
PriceData AllowanceActivation code (USSD)sms to 8183


Bonus Tips

  • Dial *228# to check your remaining subscription data allowance
  • Most plans are auto-renewed on expiration unless stopped by the user
  • You can always follow updates on all latest 9Mobile Nigeria data bundle activation codes and data subscription prices by visiting http://etisalat.com.ng/easyblaze-data-services/data-plans.
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  2. Thanks for this post. Only that this 9mobile of a name is really confusing.

  3. Msugh Aondohemba Godwin Rapheal

    With 9Mobile I remain

  4. am in for a daily package and I will always love you guys to let me finish using my mb as planned by me and u cos DAT wat am paying for

  5. Obafemi Michael

    I’m on monthly data plan which I recharged at #1000 for 1.5GB on 30/05/16(4 days ago). Your system messaged me that the data has been exhausted
    An error must have occurred somewhere because I rarely use more than 100mb per day. Please recheck and correct.
    I’m awaiting your response. Thanks

    • You can resolve such issues by dialing the customer support line


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