Can I Get Scammed On Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms?


Cryptocurrency is a relatively new field in the financial industry. It has been around for about 12 years now, and since not many understand how it works, there are bound to be scammers in the industry. Unlike the traditional financial systems that have been around for centuries, the crypto financial system is more prone to hacks and scams daily.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Since crypto is run on decentralized finance without a central authority like banks, scammers find new ways to steal investments from unknowing traders. They con users by creating fake exchange platforms and convincing people to invest by marking them as high-end trading platforms.

Crypto experts urge users to trade on reputable trading platforms backed by big coins like bitcoin, Ethereum, doge, and litecoin. Scammers will harass you and deny you withdrawals; at times, they will charge extra transaction fees, and in worst-case scenarios, they will disappear without a trace with all your invested fortunes. So yes, you can be scammed while using these trading platforms.

How to Identify Fake Trading Platforms

One of the best pieces of advice you can receive in the crypto market is to turn to well-known platforms as you conduct your businesses. These reputable exchange programs have extensive social media coverage, their employees are verified, and they have a renowned website globally. Their website provides historical data on transactions and community responses to how the platform performs. Notable red flags on trading platforms include:

  • These networks promise returns that are so good to be true. These offers include making lamp sums within the first few weeks of trade, with a promise to make you even wealthier.
  • They deploy tactics to solicit their clients into depositing cash in such a hurry; these funds could be more than you needed to deposit.
  • Continuous communication from `management` on matters concerning your digital wallet and private keys. With instruction to make some changes.
  • Scammers come as financial experts as they advise you on when and where to invest your coins or offer you services as brokers.
  • The trading platforms ask for more registration fees than was earlier disclosed; this is a clear sign of trickery.
  • Engineered malware attacks on platforms that lead to loss of investments for users

Four Common Crypto Scams and Ways to Avoid Them

  • Imposter Websites

Fake websites have been set up all over the internet to duplicate the real websites as clones. If there are no icons like URL or “HTTPS,” this may be the time you need to start thinking twice. Payment links could have been hacked such that you can click on the actual link and be redirected to an unofficial cloned page to make your payments. To avoid this, always double-check your trade and payments and confirm your URL.

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  • Fake Mobile Apps

Another legendary trick used by scammers is through mobile crypto apps downloaded on Google Play and Apple Store. As reported by Bitcoin news, thousands of users have been scammed using these mobile apps. This risk is more significant to android users; always note how the app has been branded and the details they offer on trade.

  • Social Media Cover-Ups

If you get your daily crypto updates from celebrities on their Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, make sure to follow legit accounts and not imposter accounts. These accounts are used to impersonate platforms and bots, and these lead investors to scammers. Make sure to always use legit accounts to gather information.

  • Scamming Through Emails

Emails are cloned to appear as though they have come from the legit cryptocurrency exchange platform. Ensure to cross-check the logo attached to the email account and if these email addresses have emailed you before. Choose exchange platforms that offer over-the-counter services and societal support systems. Scammers tend to promote fake ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and use them to dupe people.

Here is the truth

Cryptocurrency trade is the best thing the financial evolution is yet to see. This is because of its decentralized nature and the financial freedom that comes with it after that. Because of its decentralized nature, there is no central authority that can help to put the scammers behind bars.

Also, the government cannot help you if your investments went down the drain. Your financial freedom from these same governments comes with the sole individual responsibility to protect yourself from scammers, hackers, and business details gone wrong.

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The crypto industry is volatile; don’t increase your chances of losing your money by investing in face trading platforms. Stay on high alert and save your money, do enough research as you can, and use only good platforms for your trading activities.

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  1. if you are not well informed, I will advise you to seek advice from those who understand the Crypto market very well. This will tremendously help you to reduce the risk of losing your money.

  2. Yes, you can and as a matter of fact, there are more scam platforms out there. I know this because I was a victim too and deep research led me to reversalpro. I am sure without their intervention, I would have been left in ruins.

    • I was lured by a fake crypto investment company to invest in any of their packages to gain a huge profit but to my surprise after making the deposit payment and waiting for the date of the stipulated withdrawal. Then I found out their support team were unreachable and all efforts to reach them proved abortive. I became sad and depressed looking for a way out of my problems then I found a reliable tech team that recovered my funds completely with no hassle and got back my stolen assets in one swipe.

  3. They are bunch of scammers, My advice for anyone reading this is to stay away from this scam and fake cryptocurrency agent around now, they make everything seem too good to be true and all of a sudden everything changes when you want to take your money out, I was almost cheated but I had a good representation from prudent recovery and they made sure everything was resolved.

  4. These unregulated platforms will stop at nothing to leave you in financial ruins. You start having issues when you want to make a withdrawal. I was lucky when I ran into challenges previously.

  5. I don’t know what would have become of me after losing my life savings on winbitx platform, they were going to get away if I didn’t get an intervention pretty fast.

  6. I was once a victim of crypto scam and I can tell you it not a good thing as it left me devastated.I was almost on the brink of suicide too.If you lost money to a scam,refundback dot org can help you out.

  7. if you are not well informed, I will advise you to seek advice from those who understand the Crypto market very well. This will tremendously help you to reduce the risk of losing your money, and if you already lost your investment or unable to withdraw your investment, climaxrecovery, can be of assistance in recovering your funds

  8. It’s quite unfortunate that many people including me have fallen for this scam. After you make your first deposit, they will try and convince you to make more deposit, and when you try to withdraw they ask you to make another deposit before you can access your profit. This really devasting when I explained to a colleague and he told me he experienced the same thing that I am in the middle of getting scam. He then informed me of Fightingscams who helped him to sort his issues out. I reach out to them as well and my case was sorted.


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