GLO Internet Data Bundle Plans: Subscription Codes & Prices

Recently, Glo Nigeria seems to have doubled their internet subscribers base with the introduction of the Glo So-special plan that allows a subscriber to browse day and night up to the tune of 5GB (or 10GB for new customers) for only NGN2,500.

Apart from the so-special plan, there are other plans that are iOS, android and computer friendly. We’ll be discussing all about Glo internet data bundle subscription plans below.

The Recommended Glo Data Bundle Plans

If you are staying in an area with a good 3G coverage of the Glo network, then the plans below will be your best buy considering the amount they are being sold as well as the data cap included on the bundle.

Glo So-Special Plan (5GB @ NGN2,500):  This plan is suitable for both light and heavy internet users. It works on PC, smart phones, iPad, tablets and digital devices.

Gives subscribers 5GB (or 10GB for new subscribers and/or those renewing)  at N2,500 only. It is valid for 30 days and works 24/7.

To activate, dial *127*58# or text 58 to 127.

To check balance or the remaining data cap for your Glo’s (So-Special) internet data bundle subscription, dial *127*0# or use the *127# USSD menu.

GLO Internet Data Bundle Plans, Activation Codes & Prices in Full

Bundle PlanPriceData AllowanceNew Customers/Auto RenewalsValidity PeriodUSSD CodeSMS to 127Best for?
GLO daily PlansN5015MB30MB24 hours*127*14#14Cell Phones
N10035MB70MB24 hours*127*51#51SmartPhones
N200100MB200MB24 hours*127*56#56PC/Tabs
GLO weekly PlanN500800MB1.6GB10 Days*127*57#57PDAs
Glo monthly PlansN1,0001.6GB3.2 GB30 Days*127*53#53Surfing
N2,0003.75GB7.5GB30 days*127*55#55Tablet/iPad
N2,5005GB10GB30 days*127*58#58Computer (PC)
N3,0006GB12GB30 days*127*54#54Heavy Users
N4,0008GB16GB30 days*127*59#59wi-fi / Router
N5,00012GB24GB30 days*127*1#11Movies
N8,00016GB32GB30 days*127*2#12Downloads
N10,00023GB46GB30 days*127*11#15Data Sharing
N15,00030GB60GB30 days*127*12#16Family Use
N18,00045GB90GB30 days*127*13#17Mini-Cafe~

Glo “Special” Internet Subscription Plans

Plan NamePriceData AllowanceValidityUSSD CodeSMS to 127Best For?
TGIF – weekend planN5003GB7 days (Weekend – Saturday 12 am – Sunday 11.59pm)*127*61#61Mobile Downloads
Night PlanN2001GB24 hours (12am-5am)*127*60#60MP3/Media
GLO 100 HoursN6,0004GB100 hours x 30days*127*5#20iPad/Tablets
GLO 300N15,00012GB300 hours 30 days*127*4#21Multiple Devices
GLO liesureN5,00012GB8pm-9am x 30days 24/7 on weekends*127*7#30Working Class
GLO workN6,00012GB8am-9pm x 30days*127*6#31Time-Based

GLO Campus Booster Data Bundle Plans

PriceData AllowanceValidityOff-CampusOn-CampusGlo to Glo BonusFree Data for Gifting
N100100MB48 hours100MB225MBN10025MB
N200200MB96 hours200MB450MBN20050MB
N500500MB1 week (7days)500MB1.12GBN500125MB
N1,0001GB15 days1GB2.25GBN1000250MB
N2,0002GB30 days2GB4.5GBN2000500MB
N50005GB30 days5GB11.3GBN50001250MB


Bonus Tips:

  • Send “info” as a SMS to “127” to check your remaining subscription data allowance
  • Visit with your default browser to select plans automatically, this will save you the stress of having to cram all this codes. It works on both computer, tablets and phones.
  • You can send “menu” as a SMS to “127”  to receive help regarding data subscription
  • You can always follow updates on all latest GLO Nigeria data bundle activation codes and data subscription prices by paying a visit to

Glo has a very good 3G coverage around Port Harcourt township area, Bonny Island and some parts of Anambra state, please confirm of their network speed around your area before subscribing to their internet bundle plans.

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  1. Am using a bb torch2 so I want to know which data plan can work on it since glo has stopped their bb sub. Thanks

    • Have you tried the Airtel data plans?

      • Ukula, Gabriel Terwase

        The airtel data plan is messing up now

        • It’s best to subscribe to the network with the strongest network in your location. That way, there’s a reliable data plan for the bundle’s validity period

  2. can someone have cheat for #50 a day

    • Do you mean a subscription plan that lets you browse for less than NGN100 a day?

    • Ukula, Gabriel Terwase

      Must you always cheat? Let us try to be good Christians and Moslem

  3. To me the network is good, but if you people can work on 10GB it will be good, thanks


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