MTN Internet Data Bundle Plans, Subscription Codes & Prices

MTN internet data bundle plans and subscription USSD codes is a topic we have treated in the past.  We got it covered on the updated list of Nigerian Networks Internet Data Bundle Plans and Activation Codes here.

Today, we’re going to drop the updated list and current MTN Nigeria’s internet data subscription plans and the activation codes for easy access to internet via PC and smart phones.

The Recommended MTN Data Bundle Plans

We are presenting today’s list in a different way, starting out with the recommended plans and then listing the other plans in full.

1. 1.5GB plan (₦1,000): This MTN data bundle plan allows you to enjoy 1.5GB of data for 30 days (24/7) and it is very suitable for use on feature phones, low-end devices and smart phones alike.

To activate, dial *106# or text 106 to 131.

2. 750MB Weekly data bundle Plan (N500): This data MTN weekly internet data bundle plan allows you to enjoy 750MB of data for 7 days.

It is recommended for use on tablet devices and for university students and/or working class persons that does only lite activities online.  To activate, text 102 to 131.

3. 3.5GB Data Bundle Plan (N2,000): This new internet data bundle subscription plan is similar to the 1.5GB MTN internet data plan recommended above.

It is recommended for use on high-end android phones, tablets, iPhone, iPad, PC and PDA(s) where regular surfing and heavy downloads is the order of the day.

To activate, send 110 as an SMS to 131.

MTN Internet Data Bundle Plans, Activation Codes & Prices in Full

Bundle PlanPrice
Data Allowance
Validity PeriodUSSD CodeSMS to 131
Best for?
MTN Daily PlansN10030MB24 hours *104#104Phones
200100MB24 hours *113#113Tablet/iPad/PC
MTN Weekly Plan₦500750MB7 days*103#103SmartPhones
MTN Monthly Plans1,0001.5GB30 days*106#106Smart Phones
₦2,0003.5GB30 days *110#110PC/Tabs
5,00010GB30 days*116#116Video Streaming
10,00022GB30 days *117#117Heavy Users
20,00050GB2 months (60days) *118#118Wi-fi / hotspot
50,00085GB3 months (90days) *133#133Mini-Cafe`
MTN Night PlanN2,5004.5GB9pm–6am, 30days*102#102Heavy users
MTN Weekend PlanN3,0004.5GBFri9pm-Mon 6am, 30days*108#108Heavy Users


Bonus Tips

  • Send “2” as an SMS to “131” to check your remaining subscription data allowance
  • Dial *131# to easily access the “USSD” menu that helps you to check and subscribe to data plans without having to cram them
  • You can buy a data plan for your grandma by  using this format “GIFT [phone#][data plan code][PIN] to 131″ after you must have gotten your unique pin by sending “REG to 131″.
  • To see if any update has been made on the latest and/or most recent MTN internet data bundle subscription plans and activation code, do pay a visit to
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