How to Get Quality Traffic to Joomla WebSites

Joomla certainly is a splendid user-friendly content management system (CMS) preferred by majority of users worldwide. When it comes to performance and perfection, Joomla is the best choice for most businesses.

But, it doesn’t mean it would bring traffic to your website by default. All websites require some catalysts to stimulate the performances for improved speed and Joomla isn’t an exception to this.

Let’s discuss some outstanding strategies which eventually improve the performance and traffic of Joomla sites.
To increase the traffic of Joomla sites, you can idealize two different strategies: (i) by carrying out on-page SEO, and (ii) by adding external tools.

Both are effective measures and implementing both on websites could double your current traffic; however, it depends on site owners whether or not to implement both.

On-page SEO

Search Engine Optimization, shortly known as SEO needs no introduction as no website can perform better online without its help.

Here are must-do SEO elements for your Joomla website to make it work better.

Create SEO-friendly URLs:

First and foremost thing a site owner should do is to create a SEO-friendly URL for his Joomla website (in fact it is a must for all websites).

Creating a URL relevant to the products and services offered by him doubles his chances of creating online visibility and experiencing improved traffic.

Enable Robot.txt:

Incorporating this text file on the Joomla website is quite crucial as it is the one which decides which information the search engine should pick it up and discard.

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This can play a great role in ruling out duplication of pages which could eventually help your site rank better in search engines.

Set up a sitemap:

As the name suggests sitemap plays a handy role in the process of helping the search engines to find out the information provided in your site.

It is a must-have one for all websites as it mutually helps both the users and search engines to figure out the entire components of the website present. Also add the site map to webmaster tools.

Now, let’s move on to the next part on how to improve the performance of website using external extension tools!
Down below I’ve mentioned a few tools which could come handy in testing the performance of your site and every enhancement you make on your website.


Deploying this tool in your Joomla website would help in the process of analyzing the speed of your website. Using this tool you could easily track down the performance of your site every now and then to make it completely free from any sorts of loading-related issues.

Website speed is a crucial factor for improved conversions, sales and a fundamental search engine optimization (SEO) strategy as well.


Wonderful addition to your Joomla website, especially if you’re looking for enhancing the shopping cart performance.

You don’t require any pro efforts to negotiate with the complex rules and set up of Joomla as this extension. Display your products bewitchingly on shopping cart and make the entire process of shopping extremely easy for achieving more traffic and conversions.

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Make your website more flexible and simple using this fabulous extension. This extension offers some diligent features which when deployed on your ecommerce site can improve the traffic to a great extent.

To mention a few, easy checkout process, multi currency support, multi payment options, order invoice generation, etc. The above-mentioned features can easily attract more users to your website which eventually increases the traffic to your site.


Well, no administrator loves a website with poor security standards. Also, only a safe and secure site can bring in more customers.

JISecureMySite is a great tool as it adds a key value and requirement to your URL to prevent unauthorized persons logging into your admin panel. A worthy addition to safeguard your Joomla website from hackers.

In conclusion:

Well, all the above-mentioned tools are some of the ways to develop your Joomla website constructively and help your business grow better.

I hope all the above furnished information is valuable and helped you in the process of setting up a best Joomla website offering splendid user experience to users across many parts of the world.

By carrying out the above mentioned ideas, you’d be able to increase your Joomla website’s performance at least by 5-folds.

Remember to implement an email subscription tool to help you collect leads from visitors that are willing to sign up for updates on your products and/or services.

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