How to Get Free XLM in 2021: The Top and Proven Ways

Lumen (XLM) is the native cryptocurrency of the Stellar platform. This dynamic crypto finance solution company seeks to create a complete financial management solution where investors and enthusiasts can do everything under one roof.

Stellar XLM

Stellar was invented in 2014, and it has since merged with several crypto service providers to further facilitate its services. So, you are likely to find XLM coins on many crypto management platforms such as Coinbase and YouHodler.

If you are looking forward to investing in Stellar, you should know how to get free XLM in the first place. Fortunately, there are many ways to get free Stellar coins without so much effort. This article will guide you on proven ways to obtain free Stellar crypto.

How to Get Free XLM Through Trading

Trading XLM is a perfect way to earn extra coins. Any dedicated crypto-trading investor aims to buy at a lower price and wait until the price appreciates to sell. Many exchange platforms and digital asset websites help people to succeed in this business. Some examples include providing relevant tools to monitor the growth of XLM, online XLM price calculators, and information.

However, bear in mind that exchange platforms charge a fee for services such as exchanging Stellar Lumen or other cryptos such as BTC for cash. If you did not know how to get free XLM, now you have one lucrative option.

How to Get Free XLM Through Mining

Mining crypto is as old as its existence. Unlike Bitcoin and Ripple, Stellar Lumen mining is highly regulated to avoid inflation. They only allow the creation of new coins at a rate of 1% per year to replace the lost ones and keep up with the economy. If you are up to the task, you can earn free Stellar crypto if you participate in mining the 1%. And how do you go about this?

Unlike major crypto mining, which requires supercomputers, you can mine XLM right on your Android phone using an app. However, there is still an option to mine on your computer using an ASIC mining solution. Either is a great option for how to get free XLM.

Stellar XLM Tips

Saving XLM to Earn Interest

Major crypto platforms continue to add new coins to their networks. YouHodler, for instance, has now integrated XLM with an APY of 4.5%. If you have some Lumen in your crypto wallet, save them here to earn XLM interest that is paid out every week. The good thing about YouHodler and other reputable crypto savings platforms is that they are safe and that investors can access their assets whenever they want.

Are you wondering how to get free XLM? A crypto savings account could be your best answer for now. Visit the web and choose a platform that works best for you. Create an account with them and save to earn Stellar coins.

Participate in Stellar Yield Farming Projects

Investors can lend their XLM to different DeFi and CeFi platforms to be used for different projects and then earn XLM interest in return. Popular platforms give high yields of up to 40% APY when you lock your investment for a fixed time.

Always look for lucrative yield farming projects with appropriate safety protections for your investment since you will not have access to your funds for the time you lock them in the platform. Review websites can guide anyone who is looking for how to get free XLM with yield farming websites.

Participate in Stellar Airdrops

With a gold-level verification on some platforms, you can start getting a share of the pie of the over $125,000,000 worth of Lumen distributed to users. For this, you need a account and verification of your identity to participate. Since Stellar is a growing environment, the airdrop program is likely to be very rewarding in the future for those looking for how to get free XLM.

There are still more XLM airdrop programs on the web, so check them out and choose one that you prefer. Some have bonuses that you can take advantage of to further earn Stellar Lumens. As you continue to participate in airdrops, you will also learn how to get free XLM using other means.

Enjoy Sign-up Bonuses

As cryptocurrency grows and more crypto management companies join the market, the development of new ways to attract new users will increase also. If you are looking for how to get free XLM, you can try the sign-up bonuses that are all over these days.

Most likely, a new crypto exchange that has just integrated XLM is offering a sign-up bonus in USD that you can quickly convert into XLM. There is no better way to get free Stellar coins than a sign-up bonus. Additionally, there could be other rewards given by crypto websites, and if you are wondering how to get Stellar Lumens for free, keep your eyes open for these freebies.

Work and Get Paid with XLM

Stellar Lumen is quickly becoming a transaction medium and even a payment option for work done. Fortunately, there are many services you can provide to earn Stellar Lumens. If this is new to you, you might be wondering how to get free XLM by providing services and which services these are.

First, check for websites that give simple tasks such as completing surveys, watching videos and ads, filling out forms, and the like. All you need is to dedicate time to complete these tasks to receive your earnings.

You can also participate in larger tasks such as writing for the Stellar website and blog sites that want high-quality information. If they pay using XLM, you will then need a digital wallet to hold your coins safely.

Lastly, you can receive XLM for large projects. Due to the growth of the crypto industry, even larger businesses are now accepting payments in the form of cryptocurrency. If an offer comes to get paid in Stellar Lumen, assess the pros and cons of the work before you decide to accept it.


With the above options, anyone who is looking for how to get free XLM has more than enough information. At least one or a few will definitely work for you. So, take some time to analyze the cost-benefit analysis to determine your best option.

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