How I lost $23 to Mochahost faulty System

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Mochahost Web Hosting is a dismal web hosting services provider that must be avoided by every serious business owner.

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At the end of this article many of you are going to say stuff like “what the hell is $23.7 ” isn’t that a football match transport fair ? Yeah sure, I know that the money involved is just a change but that does not in any way change the fact that many pals who hates time wasting as much as I do are going to loose multiples of the stated amount if they repeat what I did and the poor system responds the way it did to mine .

I got offended with this mostly ‘cos my closest friend’s considers me a fool for losing “times five of this same amount $152.7” to some fat greedy  company of Ning ( who debited my account severally without notification for a service I abandoned two years ago   when their free services was stopped . Anyway that’s a topic for another day as I have long forgotten about it …. and now this again

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How Mochahost Hosting Services failed me :

I will like to first of all state categorically that mochahost isn’t the first , second or even third hosting coy I have used at one time or the other, some of my clients websites runs on , ,, , , and host of other local and foreign hosting companies and this has broadened my experience on how Re-funds and support is being treated by the expert hosting companies .

My first experience of needing a refund from a hosting coy happened simultaneously between and then I needed transfer a client website from local to a foreign host so I decided trying out after the payment for the hosting I was given some guidelines to use in transferring my site which I considered too cumbersome considering the fact that I do my surfing via a dialup broadband modem that can hardly do a transfer of about 1.6gb without  service disruption .

At this point I contacted the guys at support informing them of how difficult I will find it doing a transfer myself, I also told them of how easy the guys at did a clients own not too long ago, I also inquired if it was possible to pay for the transfer / the full migration from the current host to their server , when all this question received a negative response I opted for a refund of the hosting package leaving only the domain at their end , This they did without delay after I cancelled my hosting account ,proof2 Same was the case with that refunded my complete payment when I opted for only a host, my payment for a domain name and privacy protection was refunded in full ……… But I can’t say same of whose faulty verification system ate up my $23.7 .

Now Why I Think Hosting Services  Sucks: Firstly I will like to state the fact that I was recommended to them by a trusted user of mine Technology Forum who thinks their services where awesome this I can’t boldly dispute since I haven’t got the privilege to use them beyond their faulty verification process that  lasted over a week to get reasonable response from the so called support experts . As discretion demands one look-up on google search for hosting companies to check if there are cases of reported fraud , service termination , spam and/or any  unsolicited acts I did with these keywords : does mochahost suck ? does mochahost terminate services without informing it’s users ? does mochahost have a ghost support team ? and the likes …….. The result were nothing to go by regarding to the few negative reviews that showed up, at this point I concluded that “it’s either mochahost is the perfect hosting company or they haven’t garner enough dissatisfied clients to earn them a large base of negative reviews ” or at worse could be an unpopular host and only popular among paid reviewers .

This conclusion however led me to trying out their services since the current Local host handling the site I wanna transfer are complaining heavily of traffic causing high server load which made my search for a replacement hosting coy a desperate one . I was extremely excited when I stumbled upon on seeing the live chat and a support agent was online too . After a brief chat the agent helped me realized that I can go ahead with any category of their services plan as well as duration since I can easily upgrade latter at the single click of a button ………………………..

Concluding Lines : Being pessimistic, I  ordered for the lowest plan (hosting plan only , chooses to update the name-server on my current registrar)   possible for the duration of 6months which took the total order amount to $23.7 which is about same amount for a student lunch allowances here for the space of two weeks , considering the fact that our student’s lunch here is usually snacks & creams.

Now what actually hit my nerve was the fact I was labelled “a fraud” immediately my banking account / credit card was debited .  here is the series of conversion that ensued between us thereafter


That’s the complete history of various communication that finally ended this week . After I realized that there isn’t any way the system is going to refund my money .

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Lesson to Learn From this: Perhaps if I had followed up the form and processes involved my account would have been fully active now after maybe 1 full month …. So if you haven’t got as much as about 1week  or a full month to wait for your hosting service activation ,  you ‘ll have no business trying out mochahost . Their services could as well be very professional for them to set such standard for their new clients , this left me wondering how they are going to attend to support tickets if one happens to run into issues while hosting with them .



This is only my own opinion of mochahost based on my own experience   , do not subscribe to it if your view is different


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  1. Oh my word ………… I am allergic to incompetance!!! Particularly where money is involved. It doesn’t matter if it $2 or $2,000,000 – do your job right, first time – period!

    • Yeah sure, a company of this repute should be able to have a system that can manage failed transaction effectively

  2. Dr. Steve Smiley

    That’s not good. I hope you have better luck with your new hosting company.

    • My current host is indisputably awesome to say the least

  3. Sounds like you got hosed

  4. Good info, i have most of my clients on rackspace… i had terrible issues with hostgator, and godaddys mail system was terrible when i was looking into it..


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