Leisure Pleasure: Perks of Playing Spades Card Game For Fun

For many, Spades is just one of those card games they do for fun. Sure, it can build up into a high-intensity, trash-talking moment, but it’s still a family game at its core. But why have card games like Spades existed and infiltrated households for so long? It’s because there is something about them that makes individuals feel good.

You see, there is more to card games than meets the eye. No, it’s not the cool points and ice-breaking factor, either. Card games are proven to provide numerous health benefits, from a mental to social aspect. Sometimes, as they say, relaxation is the most worthwhile thing you can do. That’s exactly what card games bring to the table, all pun intended.

If you don’t have anything to do on a boring weekend afternoon, challenge your friends to a Spades card game, and you’ll notice the difference.

Benefits of Playing Card Games Like Spades


As the George Bernard Shaw adage goes: “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” There’s this notion that dabbling with card games is child’s play, but nothing could be more wrong. Spades and similar card games offer lots of surprising physical and mental advantages.

Consider some of them:

Reduces Stress

The aforementioned daily grind– work, school, or whatever necessary activities– can cause an overflow of stress. Playing Spades is a fun way to unwind, laugh, and interact with others. While you’re playing a card game, you’re focused on the rules, the cards in your hand, and the activities of other players. There is no room in your mind for your boss’ annoying voice or the thought of electric bills for next month. In this sense, playing cards provide a healthy diversion from your daily concerns.


Improves Memory

Spades, in particular, requires a relentless use of your memory if you want to win. You need to keep track of the cards, whether all of the cards in a suit have already been played, and if your partner is trying to lead you on to something. That is an excellent exercise for your brain! This should give you a sharper memory in the long run without even realizing it.

Improves Patience, Focus, and Discipline


Card games may keep you engaged for hours. You learn how to focus on the game, a skill that can be instrumental for your success in the workplace. The more time and attention you can dedicate to a task, the higher the quality of your work.

Then, you also need to be patient in card games like Spades. You’ll learn to think things through and avoid rash decisions that could hurt your chances of winning. All of these traits instill discipline, something you need to achieve your life goals.

Takes You And Your Kids Away From Digital Devices

Smartphones and tablets nowadays are undoubtedly a need. However, it’s also best for your wellbeing to spend as much time away from these devices as you can. There is no better way to do this as a family than play a card game like Spades. This allows for quality time and healthy engagement for families who wish to strengthen their bonds while having fun together.

Helps Socialize

Card games are not just for families. It is a good way to break the ice in a social setting where conversation could otherwise be uncomfortable and awkward. If you’re a shy individual, a game of Spades can relieve the burden of needing to initiate conversation. It’s far simpler to chat about a game you’re both playing than it is to come up with a fascinating discussion.

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Never-Ending Learning

Even though you can learn the rules of Spades in a few minutes, mastering strategies and techniques takes a lifetime. You always learn something new, so it’s never boring, and you continue to improve. Nothing compares to learning, improving, and acquiring new skills, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Improves Motor Skills

Playing cards involves the use of several fine motor abilities, such as gripping, holding, and setting cards down in an organized fashion. These skills are beneficial for the elderly and young kids. It may also be used as part of a physical rehabilitation program, allowing patients to strengthen their motor skills while simultaneously having fun.

Teaches Life Lessons

There are winners and losers in Spades as in life. The problem is that it can be hard to accept a loss, but it’s always a learning experience. You try to learn from your mistakes, move on, and hope to do better next time.

Why Spades?


For many families, Spades is the game version of pizza. It’s a source of comfort, familiarity, and refuge. Playing Spades does not require too much concentration that you can’t talk to the other players. The game’s pace allows you to relax good for your health and take your mind off the stresses of work, and life in general.

Gameplay-wise, Spades is a game that perfectly combines skill and luck. A game that’s too easy could get a bit boring after a while and a game that is purely dependent on luck can get frustrating. On top of that, the rules are easy to learn and even kids could enjoy it. Spades checks all the boxes from a skill standpoint, the excitement it brings, and the element of the unknown in a partnership game.

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Of course, you can’t just discount the importance of leisure activities in your life. We all need to stop and do something away from the usual daily grind. The things we do in our free time keep us sane and re-energized, and playing Spades could very well be a part of that.

Final Thoughts

leisure-pleasure-perks-of-playing-spades-card-game-for-fun-4If you think playing Spades is a waste of time, think again. Card games, in general, are fun leisure activities that bring tons of physical, mental, and social benefits. It teaches the players to be patient, disciplined, and focused.

It also kills boredom and is a wholesome activity for friends and families. If you’ve been wondering if incorporating card games into your family or friend gatherings is a good idea, it absolutely is!

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