Google Helpouts: a New Way to Pick People Offering Help Via Live Video

Google has made another service feature that allows people to choose someone who can specifically offer help via a live video. This is the program called Google Helpouts which is a Google initiative program that offers live tutorial and instruction services. It uses a live streaming video platform that serves as a marketplace where you can choose professionals to help you learn about something that is within their expertise.

Google Helpouts Basic Features

The main concept about the Google Helpout service is to provide Google users the ability to choose someone who is an expert in their own field of industry to help them learn about something or find someone who can help them discover a solution to their problems. It is a live tutorial video streaming service where its users can find some walk through tutorials or talk to someone who can help them resolve their problems like performing how to’s or do-it-yourself stuff. Just like keyword ranking, you can easily find the best provider to help you based on their performance rating and qualifications.

The Google Helpouts is a marketplace where you can pick someone to help you out or to offer your expertise in helping someone for a price. The people who are offering their services are vouched for by Google. You can pick someone to help you based on their qualifications, expertise, reviews, performance rating, and price rate. You can view about the schedule of their availability and book in advance to avail of their services. The Google Helpouts allows the service providers and their customers to communicate live via video streaming and share their screen with each other. The best part is Google Hangouts guarantee to return back your money in case you are not satisfied with the service that you received from the experts.

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Finding experts with convenience

With Google Hangouts, you can instantly find the expert that you are looking for. Whether you are using a mobile or tablet devices, Google makes sure that their Google Hangouts service is accessible through an application or mobile program to give you an instant access to their service. Efficiency and convenience is among the target goals of Google when they introduced the Google Hangouts to the consumers. You can talk to an expert through a live interactive video using the Google Hangouts tool and get the help and advice that you need.

Using the Google Hangouts service is simple and easy. There about more than 1,000 service providers in the Google Hangouts (and the number continues to grow) and you can sort through their expertise by providing a query about your main concern and the system will provide you a list of providers that match the relevant qualifications needed to help solve your problem. The providers’ qualifications are backed by Google and you can also see some feedback overviews from other users who have availed of the provider’s services.

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How Google Helpouts Work

It is essential that you have a Google Wallet in order to make payments for the services of the providers that you have chosen to help you. The moment that you picked an expert, you will get connected via a live video feed that is streamed through your desktop or on your mobile device when using the Google Helpouts mobile app. You will pay for the tutorial session either on per minute rate or a flat fee using your Google Wallet account.

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The option is available prior to placing a call and Google raises revenue of 20% while the 80% of the service fee is credited to the provider. The amount raised by Google will be spent for the maintenance of the Google Helpouts platform, cover the credit card fees, promotional and advertising campaign and for the money back guarantee costs.

The Google Helpouts Experts

When Google launched its Helpouts service, there are already more than a thousand of providers and experts to choose from. Their professional backgrounds and qualifications are already checked by Google and vouches for their expertise. The providers of the Google Helpouts mostly come from the companies that Google has worked with or individuals who undergo a thorough checking about their backgrounds and receive an invitation from Google to participate in its Helpouts program.

Some providers who end up in the program without an invitation from Google were able to apply from the Google enrolment page however it might take some time before you will get Google to return back to you after you signify your interest to participate as an expert.

The basic rate that the providers usually require for their services ranges from $1 per minute or a flat rate fee of $25 per helpout session. The provider chooses whether they want to charge per session or per minute for their services. Google Helpouts providers have the expertise on various categories like cooking, fitness, careers, home and garden, health, computers and electronics, education, art, fashion and beauty.

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