How vRoot Software Makes Rooting Android Devices Effortless

How to root all android phones and devices with Vroot Here is improved PC software that makes the rooting of any android phone and devices seem so easy and effortless. I have tried it on several android operating System (OS) including;

  • 2.2 (Froyo)
  • 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and
  • 4.2 (Jelly Bean)

The android phones I rooted with this light weighted software not long ago, before the idea of this review came to my mind includes;

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (GT-N8000)
  • Gionee Pioneer P1
  • Huawei U8180
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Active ST17i
  • Tecno Tab and
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3

This means that the software can as well root several other android devices out there, the procedure for rooting with Vroot is so easy. The Vroot tool would normally grant root access to older devices as well as newer ones. Anyone with a working computer can do it. It is also very small in size.

Part A


Just like rooting with any other software, Vroot requires that the following conditions are met.

  1. Must have a working Windows PC
  2. Must have a working USB cable
  3. Must have the proper USB drivers of your phone or device installed on the PC (You can download Android ADB drivers from here)
  4. Must charge your phone battery to at least 50%

Part B

How to root any android phone with Vroot

  1. Do a proper backup (should anything go wrong during the exercise).
  2. Download and install the VRoot software (Non-Chinese users must Download the English Version). You can also opt for the older version that was used for this rooting guide, I uploaded it to box app for future purposes. You can download it from here, and use if the latest version (linked above) fails to work well for your device.
  3. Enable USB debugging by going to ==> Settings ==>Developer options (also check the “stay awake” option)
  4.  Launch the VRoot software from your start menu or desktop
  5. Connect your phone or device to the computer using the USB cable that came with it. (Drivers must be properly installed for your phone to be detected)
  6. Allow VRoot to detect and display the model of your phone  (accept any USB debugging prompt)
  7. Tap the green “Root” button to root your phone or device
  8. The device will be rebooted and confirmed rooted by the Vroot software.
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How to root all android phones with Vroot

You can see how easy it is to root various android phone and devices almost at a single click of the mouse button.

You can also unroot the device by repeating the process again and tapping the “unroot” button instead.

Part C

Bonus Downloads

To help you with your phone’s USB driver, I decided to add this bonus part. Follow the links below to download updated drivers for your android phone or devices. Google your device name’s USB driver for devices that aren’t listed below.

  1. For Samsung USB drivers go here or install Kies instead
  2. For HTC USB drivers go here
  3. For Gionee USB drivers go here
  4. For Huawei USB drivers go here
  5. For ZTE USB drivers go here
  6. For Infinix USB drivers go here or use the to detect automatically
  7. For LG Android USB drivers go here
  8. For Tecno Android USB drivers use same as Gionee above or go here to download a universal one.

Looking for android PC Suit to help you manage any android phone at all?

When vRoot Fails?

No universal android root software is completely flawless. As newer android versions are introduced, older rooting exploits would get patched and rooting them would normally take some time, as new rooting exploits needs to be created for them.

If the vRoot software fails to root your android phone or devices, you need not panic as there are even better and free alternatives for rooting lots of android phones, tablets and PDA(s).

Full List of Tecno Spark Phones and their Prices

We covered about 9 of such rooting methods and the best tools for them in one of our post here. You can root lots of android devices by reading the guide carefully.

Your comment will help us discover what kind of android devices you were able to root with this tool. Please do drop your comments and/or challenges below.

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  1. when i down load Iroot files my virus software flags virus… is this normal?

    • Is this for their latest version of rooting tool or the older one?

  2. i can`t root micromax A35
    please help !!!

  3. I successfully root my cell phone with kingo root

  4. Lots of parts and software is in mandarin!

  5. i have a samsung galaxy s5 neo will this root that its running marshmallow 6.0.1 ive tried loads of other root software and none of them seem to work can anyone help.

  6. hi i want to root my phone vivo y11 andriod version 4.4.2
    any chance coz i tried using kingo root

    • 3ptechies Default 3ptechies Default

      Vroot should work for this model

  7. I have some issue to rooting my android phone but read this post i solved my problem thanks to howner of this site, nice post.

  8. Pls I’m using Fero v.4.5. pls I need help rooting my phone. it doesn’t have the USB debugging stuff in its setting at all and I’ve already done the Kingo root process to the point where I need to connect my device but its not doing. pls help.

  9. how root HTC DESIRE X DUAL ?

  10. I can’t root my Alcatel ONETOUCH Pixi 3(3.5) phone.
    What can I do?

    • First I’ll like to know the kinda error messages you’re getting at the moment and to also suggest you attempt other rooting tools here.

  11. What message do you normally get when trying to root it?

  12. Cant root my lava iris 349+ ..
    .reply me soon bro

  13. need root software for monster m7 tablet running 4.1.1 tried many.

    • that’s an mtk device bro, the kingroot app should root this model easily. Have you given it a shot yet?

      • yes kingroot failed but i was able to root it with vroot now i am just trying to learn what im doing before trying to put an android 5.1 on it.

        • Wow! that’s good to know. Do keep me updated if any issue arises.

          Do have a lovely week ahead

          • you do the same and thanks you wouldn’t happen to know where i can find android 4.3 or higher for this device do you ?

          • you might have to opt for a custom rom sir

          • i did and blew up tablet lol ooops

          • any solution yet, you can find similar rom at xda developers forum

          • no the tablet won’t even turn on and since i am new to this and i broke it :(

  14. Can i root my experia z2 with android 5.1.1,,,,plzzzz help…(*_*) and with which software…….(*_*)

    • Latest version of iRoot, Kingo app or towel root can easily go for this model

  15. gionee m4 not root for this app??

  16. Cameron David Wells Cameron David Wells

    I have AMPE A90 that will not download apps because of low
    internal memory! I have the SD Card checked in storage! It should automatically
    download until 32 GB has been used, but it doesn’t! I am having a hard time
    rooting the phone tablet, using the tablets file manager and any other method
    of putting the external memory for the internal memory! How can I make my SD
    Card the default download on my AMPE A90 unblocking a hidden glitch the tablet
    has that prevents those large amount of downloads! I can be contacted at [email protected] and
    215-548-3489. Please respond ASAP!


    Cameron David Wells

  17. i can not root samsung s3 .wich root app you can reccomend me

  18. This software is full of viruses, spyware

  19. is there any rooting apk for nokia x2 latest version

  20. It’s better to use this for pc. There is process to boot android device with vroot or iroot.

  21. i use IROOT to root my android phones its work for all phones

    i downlode it from the official site The English version

  22. How can I root the Samsung Galaxy Ace III?

    • Have you tried the iRoot apk without success?

  23. i can not root the htc desire x it showing no root permission

  24. Robert Thompson Robert Thompson

    So it will not root Samsung Galaxy s5 with android version 4.4.4 neither will kingo and tips?

  25. Hi obasi this is srikanth is there any android updates for nokia x2 in the sense os from jelly bean to kit kat.Is there any APK for kit kat.please inform me my mail id [email protected]
    and thank you so much for nokia x2 rooting with the new root apks….

    • Thanks for dropping by and sharing your opinion with us Srikanth.

      I understand you’ve been able to root your Nokia X phone using the guide on our website and now looking for a custom ROM to load on it.

      Is this assumption correct?

  26. Mary Grace Hangka Mary Grace Hangka

    Hello there!! I am now rooting my T736 Phone and when the application found my phone there this application that I need to install and when I install it., the letters are in different language.. I think its like a japanese letters.. How to translate it in English..? So that I may able to understand what i am doing.. Please help please.. =(

    • Do you have the root checher app installed in your phone?

      That’s the first thing to do after running the vroot software, to confirm if the device was rooted successfully. If confirmed, I’ll give you guidelines to switch the superSU to English

      • Mary Grace Hangka Mary Grace Hangka

        Yes, I do have but it is not rooted… I don’t know why maybe thats because my phone is a kind of phone with unknown provider.. =(

        • I guess you should try the iRoot apk or give framaroot a shot

          • Mary Grace Hangka Mary Grace Hangka

            iroot won’t work while framaroot says “Yor device seems not vulnerable to exploit”

          • Let me get your device’s full details, I’ll get back to you with a possible solution

      • Can you give t to me please?

  27. Olawuni kingsley Olawuni kingsley

    Hello, please can i use iRoot to root Techno F9?

    • Sure thing buddy as there’s no risk in trying out it.
      I’ll suggest you try out vRoot first before attempting another one.

      Best Regards

  28. Cand I root a Samsung S4 mini Clone???

    • Definitely, I said this because I have had success rooting several versions of Samsung android phones with the Vroot software.

      Give it a shot and drop feedback.

  29. My phone is Huawei G520-00000 which came with Android version 4.1.2. I have successfully rooted it using Vroot today: 2014-10-23. Thank you very much!!

    • Hi KidusG,

      Its good to know you were able to root your device using the vroot software.
      Thanks for dropping by

  30. Xiaomi Red Rice 1SW won’t allow me to root it, but I have no idea about the reason, as everything is in Chinese and I can’t even copy and paste the text to google translate, as it’s an image. Any ideas?

  31. Hi I have a Toshiba excite pro running v4.3 jellybean. Failed root. Tried allsorts. Any ideas ?

  32. I have a samsung galaxy mini that can’t be rooted no matter what you try… flashing zips, and using vroot didn’t work at all… Anything else?

  33. I installed the file but it’s in Chinese. What do I do?

    • do you still need help with this?

      • Mary Grace Hangka Mary Grace Hangka

        mINE to.., how to translate that in english and also when im rooting it says “Root Permission is Checking”. And it takes an hour. How to confirm the permission.

        Attached is for your reference..

        • Try running the root checker app and give feedback

          • Mary Grace Hangka Mary Grace Hangka

            Ok I will try that out..

  34. This does not work. Maybe boot loader has to be unlocked first?

    • any luck with it yet?

  35. I have a Sony Walkman NWZ Z1000, VROOT rooted my device no problem…But since I updated the walkman firmware to 2.03 VROOT won’t root it again. It’s on ICS 4.0.4. Help

    • are you trying out with the latest version of vroot software?

      • Hi, yes I’m using vroot version 1.7.4

        • Sorry for my late response, sill need help?

          • Hi, yes still can’t root my device. Would be great if you could help .

          • I will try out another solution on it to see how far it goes. Thanks for your patience so far

  36. i have a toshiba thrive and every time i do it it says root failed

  37. my avg is saying that its a threat: Trojan horse PSW.Agent.BEGT
    I’m downloading directly from Vroot VrRoot_1.7.3

    • Could be a false positive ‘cos I just scanned the exact file with my up to date Kaspersky internet security.

  38. vroot have the unroot option

    • sure, there’s the unroot option

      • Hey bro can you tell me how i root my mobile i have vivo S1 mobile kingroot kingoroot iroot vroot rootmaster doesn’t work they say your device have high security we can’t break it so tell me any other software or other way


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